Running Windows XP on Windows 7

If you’re running Windows 7  Home Premium, this tip is for you. One of the best new features in Windows 7 is called XP Mode. But you can only use it on Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. Too bad. Most users will have Windows 7 Home Premium. But we’re going to show you how you can… Read More »

When names matter – an email tip

Here’s a simple tip that will help you quickly identify spam emails quickly. Many spammers use sophisticated software to extract your name from your email address. For example, if your email address is , the software picks up your name as Catherine. So when you open your email, you may be shocked to see: Dear Catherine, We… Read More »

Three easy Windows Tips — 3/29/2011

1.Change your boring Mouse Pointers If you are tired of seeing the same old mouse pointers all the time (hourglass, arrow, etc.) Windows offers a lot of really nice pointer schemes, such as Conductor, Dinosaur, Old Fashioned many others. For Windows XP users -Click “Start” then “Control Panel”.  Switch to “Category View” in Control Panel, select Appearance and… Read More »