Pop-can George

Pop-can George I never knew his name until I read his obituary. You will think I’m shallow when you read this. You are probably right. The man has been a joke of sorts in our town since I can remember. I used to see Pop-can George riding his bike around town. He’d always have three or four plastic… Read More »

A virtual kiss

Do you like virtual kisses? Virtual friends? Virtual reality? Really? You can stop reading now. If you’d prefer a real kiss to a real one (be quiet EB!), then keep on reading. After reading several letters we received this week, we could tell that a lot of people don’t quite understand the difference between virtual memory and physical… Read More »

Working with text

Want to move around in a document, an email you are typing, or other items you may be editing the easy way? Amaze your friends, startle your cronies, make your enemies writhe in jealously. Here are some easy tips to help you move around documents, emails and other text-based items you’re editing: To move insertion point to the… Read More »