Interactive Corp. (IAC) Uses The Bible To Lure Users Into Installing Malware

Interactive Corp’s (IAC) FunWebProducts has consistently denied their bundle of software (FunWebProducts)  is spyware or adware. We’re not going to argue what it is. What we can tell you is this: products from Interactive’s FunWebProducts has caused many users  serious computer problems. We have repaired a lot of computers helping PC users via our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care… Read More »

Security Does Not Begin With “S”

You might think that security begins with an “S” as in Security Software, but I’m here to tell you that it begins with “Y” as in YOU. You may have read one of the many articles appearing seemingly daily in the news about some big corporation or another being “hacked” by an individual miscreant or a cabal of criminals. And… Read More »

Unzip It! With this Cloudeight Freeware Pick

Yes, we know since Windows XP, you don’t need a 3rd-party unzip program to unpack zip files. But what if you download a RAR file or Gzip file or some other kind of compressed (zipped) file? You’re kind of stuck, because Windows won’t recognize them. So you’ll have to searching for a program to open these other types… Read More »

How Did Hackers Get My Address Book?

Cheryl wants to know how hackers who accessed her web mail account are still using her address book I recently changed my email password (again) because hackers are invading it and sending out messages to everyone in my address book, but it is STILL happening. My question is – messages are even being sent to addresses that I… Read More »