Please Help Us Continue Our Mission to Help You

By | April 26, 2019
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Cloudeight InfoAve Cloudeight InternetPlease Help Us Continue Our Mission to Help You

We need your help. There are many ways you can help us to continue our mission of helping everyone who calls on us for help. Each week we spend hours answering questions via email and only a few of these questions and answers make it into our InfoAve Premium newsletter. We’re happy to help as much as we can.

We’re in our slow time of year right now, so we anything you could do to help us would be very much appreciated.

Make a small donation!

You can help us by making a small donation. Even the smallest donation help. If you’d like to make a donation to help us keep on helping you, please visit this page.

You can help us by sharing us on your Facebook page.

Recommend us to your friends on your Facebook page. Link to our InfoAve website where we have over 4000 computer tips, tricks and more! Or InfoAve website address is:

You can also help us by sharing our newsletters. You can invite your friends to sign up for our InfoAve Premium Weekly newsletter. The sign-up page is:

Or invite your friends to get our short & sweet InfoAve Daily newsletter. The sign-up page for our daily newsletter is:

Spring Cleanup 


Spring is a great time to make sure your computer is clean and optimized.

We’re offering some really good specials right now including our Spring Cleanup special. We’ll clean up and optimize your computer and much more, for a very reasonable price.

For all the details about our Spring Cleanup offer, please see this page.


Windows 10 Transformation Service


Windows 7 users have about 9 months to upgrade to Windows 10 or use Windows 7 after its end-of-life, which means without any support, updates or security patches from Microsoft. We’re offering a special service for Windows 7 users who upgrade to Windows 10 where we’ll make Windows 10 computers look and work a lot more like Windows 7. 

For complete details of our Windows 10 transformation service, see this page.

Cloudeight SeniorPass

Are you 60 or older? Get the best computer repair deal anywhere!

With our Cloudeight SeniorPass, you’ll get 12-months of unlimited computer care and repair for less than most computer repair services charge for a single repair. 

Get more information about our Cloudeight SeniorPass here.

Use Our Start Page!

And finally, did you know if you use the search engine on our Cloudeight Start Page, it helps us? Google pays us a tiny amount each time anyone uses the Google search on our start page.  Our start page is located at and the Google search is right at the top.


Thank you so much for your friendship and your support. We appreciate it very, very much!

4 thoughts on “Please Help Us Continue Our Mission to Help You

  1. Jason Miller

    We are retired and live on a small pension. We depend on you for your great advice and help every week and make a donation a few times a year for whatever amount we can afford at the time. It is well worth it to us.
    We know it is not much and wish we could do more. Maybe someday we will hit the lottery and do much better to help you the way you truly deserve.

    1. infoave Post author

      We appreciate your support and even the smallest donation helps. Thanks so much, Jason.


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