Quick and Simple Windows Tips

By | October 31, 2018
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Quick and Simple Windows Tips

Unless otherwise noted, these tips work on Windows 7, Windows 8x and Windows 10.

Quick Change
Want to change the name of a desktop icon, folder, file etc.? Click whatever you want to rename, then click the F2 key and make your change!

Quick View
To view properties menu of a file, folder, etc., highlight it and click Alt + Enter. Highlight My Computer (This PC) and click Alt + Enter to view System Properties.

Quick Print
Click Control + P to open the Print Dialog.

Quick Downloads
While using your favorite browser, press CTRL + J to view recent downloads.

Quick History
While using your favorite browser, press CTRL + H to view your browser history.

Quick File Explorer
Click the Windows Key + E  to open File Explorer or Windows Explorer in a flash!

Quick Lock Your Computer
Click the Windows Key + L to lock your computer. You’ll need to type your password to log back into your user account. You can also use this tip to switch User accounts. (Note: This tip only works if you have more than one user account on your computer and your account uses a password.)

Quick Find
When you’re visiting a website and looking for a certain word or phrase, use the Ctrl+F shortcut to bring up a page search box. It will appear near the top of the browser window in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge  and at the bottom in Firefox. This works on all browses.

Quick Run
Press and hold down the Windows key and tap the R key to open a run box.

Quick Tab
You can  quickly open a new tab in any browser by using the Ctrl + T shortcut.

Quick Start Menu 
Just press the Windows key to open the Start menu on Windows 10

Quick Settings
Windows key + i opens the Settings app on Windows 10

Quick Search
Windows key + S opens taskbar search on Windows 10. This is a great shortcut for those who have hidden task bar search (Cortana).



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