Quick Browser Tips For Everyone

By | November 21, 2019
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Quick Browser Tips For Everyone


Check Your Browser Extensions

There’s no doubt that add-ons and extensions can be fun, useful, and they can add functionality to any browser. However, add-ons and extensions can also be vectors for exploits, browser hacks, and PUPs.

This weekend, take a few minutes and look at the number of browser extensions / add-ons you have installed. Disable or remove the ones you seldom or never use.

When it comes to browser add-ons and/or extensions – the fewer you have, the faster and safer your browsing experience will be. 

Clear Your Browser’s Cache & History

Clearing your browser cache and history is something you should do at least once a month. And if you’re having issues with your browser, clearing your browser’s cache is one of the first things you should do.

So with that in mind, here’s a quick tip that will save you time when it’s time to clear your browser’s cache and history. Instead of opening the browser’s settings, the following shortcut works on all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Edge Dev, Firefox, and Opera).

With your browser open use the following keyboard shortcut to open to go directly to the dialog where you can clear your browser’s history and cache.


You’ll be able to choose the time range and the items want to clear. Once you’ve made your choices, go ahead and clear your browser’s cache and history.

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