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By | June 2, 2021
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ReCall is a password recovery tool that works on all versions of Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. And it works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

We featured reCall back in 2014. We were reminded of it when we received an email today from Ross asking how to gather and save all the passwords on his computer. While there is no way to recover every single password, reCall can gather many passwords, software licenses, and more.  We tested reCall back when we first found it in 2014. We tested it again today (6/02/2021) and we were impressed. It has improved with age. 

We figure, by now, about 50% of you have paid attention to us and have installed a password manager. And if you’ve listened to us and installed one then you can access it with your master password and make backups of your passwords and data and save them encrypted on a flash drive, in the cloud, or on an external hard drive.

But that leaves the other 50% of you – who are never going to install a password manager even if EB twists your arm into a pretzel.

Regardless whether you listen to our advice about using a good password manager or not, our freeware pick this week is something almost everyone could use. It not only finds passwords, it also finds license keys for over 2800 applications. And it does an excellent job of recovering email passwords too.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Cloudeight InfoAve

It takes a while for reCALL to scan your computer for product keys and passwords because it digs deep and finds many of them. You can also run reCALL in a special mode to just recover your email passwords if that’s what you’re after. And when you’re all done, you can export the data to a file — but remember anyone who finds that file and can read it and they will have all your passwords and product keys too.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Keep in mind the website is written in Polish (thanks to Anne for telling me what language it is), a language I don’t read, speak, or write. But check out the image below. You can select English or whatever your language is by clicking on your language in the box near the top right of the website. You can choose from dozens of languages – most all in alphabetical order. English is listed first so don’t scroll down to the “E’s”. And you’ll be able to read the page.


OK…we know you’ll want to hear what the developer has to say, so we’ll bring him in to address you. Mr. Developer — here’s your big chance…


recALL enables quick password recovery from over 300 programs (e-mail, web browsers, instant messaging, FTP clients, wireless networks, etc.) and license keys from over 2,800 applications. recALL is the first program in the world that allows you to recover most passwords and licenses also from damaged operating systems, thanks to the native support of registry files from systems Windows.

Thanks to the unique emulation of FTP, POP3 and SMTP server, you can recover passwords from any application that supports these protocols, even if this program is not yet supported in recALL.

All functions in one program.

OK if you’re ready to download a useful program, that as of this date (6/02/2021) reCall is clean freeware, please visit  to learn more about and or download. Enjoy!


Since this is a password recovery application, most anti-virus programs will warn you when you visit the site or when you download and/or run this program. This is expected behavior due to the nature of the program.

Since we posted this article, I wrote to Elise at Emsisoft and asked that reCall be whitelisted so that Emsisoft will allow its users to download, install, and run this very useful program. Emsisoft’s specialists reviewed reCall and found it safe and whitelisted the program. If your Emsisoft program is updated, it should not detect reCall as malware as of 6/3/2021.

8 thoughts on “reCall – A Free Password Recovery Tool and More

  1. A Chilvers

    Emissoft has found this file dangerous, and deleted it.

    1. infoave Post author

      Emsisoft quarantines files it considers dangerous… it does not delete them. A password recovery program could be used by a hacker to steal passwords. Any password recovery tool will be detected by a good security program. Use your good judgment. We would never recommend a program that was dangerous to use. I’ve added a notice to the article -thanks to your comment.

  2. LittleFire

    TC & EB that is in polish I could read it cause I can speak Polish so I had no problem with reading it !! I thought it was funny when you said it was Czechoslovakian but some of their language is like Polish to but the whole thing is in Polish I think it is a good tool to have I write all of my passwords down on a rolldex so I have them all for all of my programs but I am going to give this a try to see how well it works with all of my passwords.

  3. John

    Website blocked due to trojan

    Website blocked:
    Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain malware activity.

    1. infoave Post author

      This is addressed at the bottom of the post. Any password recovery tool is similar to a hacking tool… most security programs will detect it as possible malware. It isn’t. We tested the program on several computers and if you want to recover passwords or software licenses, then reCall can help. Security programs are not 100% in detecting malware and not 100% at avoiding false positives.

  4. Sue

    No matter what I do to try and install Malwarebytes will not let me get to the site to install it. It shuts the program down says I have to tell it is ok and to go on but it will not let me do it. I cannot get it installed on my computer.

    1. infoave Post author

      I suggest you temporarily disable the malwarebytes if you want to install/use reCall. Also, since this is a false-positive, you should notify Malwarebytes so they can correct it. Emsisoft has whitelisted reCall, so it can be done.


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