Send a fax from your computer for free

By | August 25, 2019
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Send a fax from your computer for free

Sometime in your lifetime, you’ll probably need to send a fax – that’s a fact. But how many times will you really need to send a fax? Just the facts? Probably not many times. Probably not enough to justify a fax number or a fax machine or even an all-in-one printer thingie. But there may be a few times when sending a fax is something you’ll need to do. Heck, even in our own pathetic lives we’ve had to send faxes.

We had to send a fax the other day, it just so happens. And it just so happens that EB sent me to find a way to fax from her PC. And being that we don’t have any money (again) she wanted a free way to send a fax from her computer.

I was enlightened during my search. There are so many rip-offs out there. Just about every free fax site I looked at had some kind of catch. Either they buried your fax under an advertisement, or they weren’t really free, or they were free trials, or they wanted to install nasty gizmos on your computer.

Cloudeight InfoAveI was a juggernaut. I was intrepid. I found EB a free fax service that is truly free. They are advertising supported. Their site has advertising and the confirming emails they send you have advertising in them, but the faxes you send do not. This is important. If you’re trying to pretend you’re a big-time operation (like we do :-)) then you can’t have faxes with ads for Crest Ultra Teeth Whitener Strips on the cover of your fax. It just looks hokey. It looks even worse if you have a baby’s bottom on your fax cover – with an ad for Pampers. Especially if you’re old like us and you just might be wearing those kinds of things again :-).

So the site I found doesn’t put baby’s bottoms or big white teeth (or even big yellow teeth) on your fax cover. It leaves your faxes alone – so what you fax is what your recipient gets. This is good. Especially if you’re trying your darnedest to be a professional.

There are a couple of things you should know:

If your fax contains an image (or images) you must:

Convert your JPG image (or images) to PDF first, If you like, you can do that for free here. Or you can create a Word Doc or other MS Office-type document with your image in it. Doesn’t matter to us – or apparently to this free fax site.

If you want to include a message in your fax – or if your fax requires you to include a letter, etc. You’ll need to use Rich Text Format (RTF). And this site provides an online Rich Text Editor. All you have to do is copy and paste your text into the editor and it comes out as perfectly formatted RTF (Rich Text Format). Or all Windows computers have WordPad, which will save text files as RTF, so you can use that if you choose.

So after the teeth and babies and the Pampers, you’re reading this and wondering just when we’re going to get around to giving you the name of this free service and a link to it, aren’t you?

Not so fast! Not so fast!

You can only send free faxes if you live in the USA or Canada. You are allowed to send up to 2 faxes a day. Each fax can be no more than 3 pages. If you need to send bigger faxes or more faxes than two in the same day, they offer very inexpensive prices on their pay services – their prices are lower than you would get from your local UPS store, drug store, or wherever the heck you send faxes from in your neck of the woods. Some examples: A ten-page fax is 98 cents. A twenty-page fax is $1.98; and a 30 page fax is $2.98. If you faxed just this one article in this newsletter, it would cost you nothing because it’s about 3 pages. You’re thinking we could have done this article on one page, aren’t you?


Oh, wait a sec! There’s one more thing. If you want to receive a fax you’ll need a fax number, which of course you probably don’t have. There are links on the site that give you some (paid) options for getting a fax number without you having to actually have a fax number.

OK. No more bloviating. It’s time to give you the name of the site and a link.

It’s called GotFreeFax and you can read more about it – even try it out – by visiting this website.

3 thoughts on “Send a fax from your computer for free

  1. Dawn Campbell

    Goth both! Thanks. Yes I have had to find alternate ways to fax the odd time.

  2. Sally Watson

    Anything for poor old UK? Can’t remember when i last needed to fax but as we seem to be going down the gurgler over this side of the pond it would be handy!

    1. infoave Post author

      No safe ones that I could find, but that does not mean there are not any.


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