4 thoughts on “Send Self-destructing Email Messages With Gmail

  1. Arline Ventullo

    I have the Snippet tool. Couldn’t I just use it to make a copy of the email and then mail that on?

  2. Arline Ventullo

    I just tried it, took a snippet of it, and sent it to my alternate email. It worked. So, I guess if you really want to, you can find a way to defeat the confidentiality of the email.

    1. infoave Post author

      Just like “Snapchat” and all the other “secure” apps, you can always defeat it with a screenshot… but a scrrenshot does not have all the identifiers an email does. An email shows your IP address, your ISP (even if you use webmail), the time and date your email was sent, and more. A screenshot only shows the date the screenshot was taken – and not much else. I really doubt a screenshot would prove valuable in a court of law since they can easily be manipulated. There’s a big difference between the data that comes with a normal email and the data that would come from a confidential email sent by Gmail – since the email exists only on Google servers and is deleted as specified by the composer of the email.

      If all you need to do is prove someone wrong that a confidential email sent by Google can be circumvented by a screenshot -then that’s true. But that screenshot would hold very little weight in the legal sense. Nowhere near the weight a regular email will hold.

      And sending it to yourself at one of your alternate email addresses makes no sense since you’re both the writer and the recipient of the mail. How could you write a confidential email to yourself?


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