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Phishing vs Spear Phishing vs Whaling Attacks

The following article was written by Jareth and appeared in the Emsisoft Blog on19 February 2019. We found it informative, interesting and fascinating. .With permission, we are posting it here and in our daily newsletter in order to share it with all our readers. Our thanks to Emsisoft and the Emsisoft team; a special thanks to Jareth for a… Read More »

Phishing is the Internet’s Most Successful Con [A Great Read]

Phishing Is the Internet’s Most Successful Con Tricking people out of sensitive information online is far too easy. (From “The Atlantic” ) In the classic 1973 heist movie The Sting, two con men—played by Robert Redford and Paul Newman—build a fictitious world in a Depression-era Chicago basement to defraud a corrupt banker. They make an offtrack-betting room, hire… Read More »