Thank You Very Much!

By | April 30, 2017
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Thank You Very Much!

Yesterday ( 4/29/2017 ) we asked all of our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium subscribers to vote on whether or not we should change the format of our InfoAve InfoAve Premium newsletter. We are looking for ways to ensure that everyone who subscribes to it gets it. It seems that week after week, some of our newsletters are being blocked by one ISP, group of ISPs, or mail service providers. We are guessing that because our newsletter has so much content, it’s setting off spam filters on various ISPs, depending on the week and the content. So the ISPs that block our newsletter can vary from week to week.

We want every one to receive every newsletter we send, so we’re looking for ways to improve delivery – which is good for us, and good for you too.

So far we have had over 500 votes and people are still voting. We’re going to leave the poll up for another day or two, so if you have not voted, please vote right now. You’ll find the poll on this page. Your opinion matters. Let us know what you think.


THANK YOU for the great response to the new Boosters freebies and super specials – and a big welcome to all the new Cloudeight Boosters. We hope you enjoy being a booster. Thank you for helping us. If you didn’t get yesterday’s special newsletter, you can read it right here.

We both thank all of you for your friendship and your support.

3 thoughts on “Thank You Very Much!

  1. Jock Reid

    I have enjoyed your articles and tips etc. For years now I have enjoyed reading and acting on most of the information you have passed on to us, it has been a colossal help to me. I’m getting very old now and do not use the computer as much but I think that your suggestion is a good and solid alternative. keep up the good work I hope many of your subscribers agree.
    Awra Best.
    Jock Reid.

  2. Jennifer Akridge

    I use gmail and happily always get your newsletters. I opened a gmail account based on your recommendation … thank you. Also for all the valuable information and services you provide. I have learned so much.


    You two are wonderful! It is helpful to have keys available to fix what we break. You have come into my computer and helped me in the past and I have some in reserve for the future.


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