The Windows Start Menu – Alphabetically Speaking

By | September 24, 2018
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The Windows 10 Start Menu – Alphabetically Speaking

Open the Windows 10 start menu and you’ll probably see a list of programs beginning with programs whose names start with the letter “A”  (or a number).

So, let’s say you want to open Windows Accessories using the start menu. How are you going to get there? Are you going to scroll down to the W’s? Nah… here’s a quicker way:

Press the Windows Key — or click the start button – to open your start menu. Click the letter “A”. Go ahead – click it.

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You’ll see an alphabetical menu appear. If you want to go directly to the W’s  – and you do if you want to find Windows Accessories on your start menu – click on W.

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As soon as you click a letter, the start menu automatically advances to that section of the start menu. In this example, I wanted to go to Windows Accessories, so I clicked “W”. And voila! There I am in the W section of my start menu. No scrolling… no kidding.

Cloudeight InfoAve Computer Tips & Ticks

You can go from A to Z without scrolling through your start menu. Heck, you can even go from # to Z!

If you’re looking for something specific in Widows Accessories, for instance Character Map, just type Character Map in Taskbar search and press Enter…

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See? No Start menu needed.


One thought on “The Windows Start Menu – Alphabetically Speaking

  1. Jason Miller

    If I had my Staples “That Was Easy” button with me, I would have pressed it.
    Great time saver tip. Thank you.


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