This Squirrel Finds Fonts

By | January 4, 2021
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This Squirrel Finds Fonts

If you love fonts as much as we do, I know you’ve seen fonts displayed on the Web and wondered what they were… and where you might be able to find them.

If you’re really into fonts, you’re going to love this Cloudeight site pick. If you’re looking for the name of a font you’ve seen somewhere – anywhere — on the Web — FontSquirrel is for you.

All you need to do to find the name of a font (or fonts) is to upload an image with the font or fonts in it and Font Squirrel’s Font Identifier does the rest.

Cloudeight Site Pick - FontSquirrel

Cloudeight Site Pick - FontSquirrel

Cloudeight Site Pick - FontSquirrel

Cloudeight Site Pick - FontSquirrel

There’s a lot more to FontSquirrel than the Font Identifier, but most other features are designed to sell you something – including fonts. FontSquirrel is not a free font site. 

But you can search for the font names displayed on FontSquirrel and many times find them (or similar) on free font sites.

We’re happy to find a quick and easy to help us identify fonts we see and like. And even if it can’t provide you with the exact font – it can show you fonts that are close enough to be viable options.

So, if you see a font or fonts online that you like and you’d like to know what they are and where you might be able to get them, give FontSquirrel’s Font Identifier a try. Visit FontSquirrel right now… and don’t forget to bookmark it — so you’ll be able to get a quick answer to the font lover’s most frequently asked question….“What’s that font?” 


One thought on “This Squirrel Finds Fonts

  1. Rich

    Many decades ago, when I was teaching and writing manuals for my computer software classes, I had a “Font” which “Pictured” each of the “Keys” on the keyboard. It made it easy to put in “Ctrl” + “P” to bring up the Print Dialogue Box etc.. I wish I could find it again.
    If anyone remembers it and can tell me where to get it again, I would greatly appreciate it.
    God Bless,



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