Three quick and easy Windows 7 (and Windows 8x) tips

By | May 13, 2011
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If you are anything like us, you install a lot of software – and uninstall a lot too. Some programs add menu items to your shell context menu (your right-click menu). Many times, in fact most times, when you uninstall a program that has added items to your right-click menu, the items on the context menu remain. This adds useless clutter to your right-click menu and obfuscates :-) the right-click menu items you most often need.

Windows 7 and 8x Quickie
You can minimize all open windows except for the one you have on top, by clicking Windows Key + Home Key. Click again to re-open all those windows.

IE 8 through IE11 Address Bar Surprise in Windows 7 and Windows 8x
This is one of EB’s favorite features in Windows 7! Just drag the address bar downwards using your left mouse key, and the address bar will slowly expand to show you your History, Favorites and Typed URLs.

Rearranging Icons in your Taskbar or System Tray
You can quickly and easily rearrange the items/icons in your taskbar by simply holding your left mouse key down and dragging them from one spot to another. You can reorder both pinned shortcuts or running applications to suit your needs. Yes my 64bit friends. It works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 8x 64bit – and 32bit.

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