Turn Windows upside down

By | April 7, 2011
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This tip actually has a useful function if your showing your laptop screen to someone standing on their head.

Before you start writing and telling us this tip doesn’t work, let us give you some info:

This tip works in Windows XP.  It works in Windows 7 too. The instructions are different for each. OK?

This is a harmless prank you can play on friends and family members – especially those who don’t know much about computers. Make sure you remember how to fix it for them. OK?

Did you know you can flip the screen upside down by doing the following:
Press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow
To revert the screen to normal:
Press Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
If you’re feeling really adventurous, try Ctr l+ Right Arrow and Ctrl + Left Arrow and see what happens.

If you’re using Windows 7: Right-click on your desktop, choose “Screen Resolution” and choose “Landscape Flipped”.  That’ll do it.

Some graphics cards, for instance, Intel Extreme Graphics Controller, and certain nVidia graphics cards use these commands as default keyboard shortcuts. So, if you have a graphics card that is already using these commands, nothing will happen when you execute them in Windows. If this tip does not work on your computer, that’s why. It will work on most Windows XP computers. And you can do it on Windows 7 – just follow the instructions for Windows 7 above.

Have fun!

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