What Are Your Favorite Windows Tips and Tricks?

By | June 24, 2017
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What Are Your Favorite Windows Tips and Tricks?

On major holiday weekends we often release review editions of our Cloudeight InfoAve Premium newsletter. We do this so we get a chance to spend the weekend with our family and friends… and to take a little break.

In these review edition where we feature some of the best content from previous versions of InfoAve Premium. We pick the articles and tips and tricks based on the response we get from our readers.

But we were thinking… it would be great if you, our readers, sent us your favorite tips and tricks. They can be ones you discovered yourself, read in our newsletters, or read somewhere else. As long as you tried the tips and tricks and they work well enough that you’d like to share them with us.

We think it would be fun to have a special review edition featuring your favorite tips & tricks and freeware picks and favorite web sites. We have a review edition coming up on Friday June 30, 2017 (Independence Day Weekend USA), and on Friday August 31, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend USA).

You can submit your favorite Windows tips & tricks, freeware and website picks, by submitting them right here on this page, in the comments section, or you can submit them by email from this page. Either way is fine. We’ll use your first name to give you credit for your tip, trick or pick, unless you tell us otherwise.

We think it will be fun to have an issue of Cloudeight InfoAve Premium, that is totally yours. What do you think?

We look forward to seeing your favorite Windows Tips & Tricks, freeware picks and website picks!

Thanks for your friendship & support!


9 thoughts on “What Are Your Favorite Windows Tips and Tricks?

  1. Connie Tyler

    Great idea. And enjoy your well-earned vacation. Hugs to you both

  2. Georgina(aka Mops)

    If you enjoy videos teaching water color painting……that are FREE and are really enjoyable and teach a lot….check out Alan Owen.
    You can find him on Google.

  3. Sue

    I use Ctrl + Home to return to the top of the page quite a bit. Love being able to do this.

  4. Barbara Brooker

    I like the F11 feature to give more screen size. Then F11 again to return it to normal. A recent one I use all the time now is the right click on the start button for many functions. I use it most for shut down.

  5. Arnie Brown

    Great Idea folks. This old buzzard needs all the help you folks can get to me here in Nova Scotia.

  6. Shirley Johnson

    I seem to need the sign for degree quite frequently, so I use alt 0176 on the key pad for Windows 10.
    Degree sign °

  7. Connie Tyler

    I save a lot of information on the internet so I make folders that I keep on my desktop. For instance, I make jewelry, so I have a folder to store any information relating to jewelry. Another for music from Youtube, etc. I also keep my favorite sites on the desktop like Amazon or Facebook so I can just click on them to open.

  8. lynda

    I do the same on my desktop too Connie. When Darcy first set up windows mail on my then new computer, she put the transcript on my desktop & after that I started making folders with my saved computer tips, & recipes, etc. Thanks Darcy.


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