What kind of punctuation mark are you?

By | April 6, 2011
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Today’s site pick is about as useless as they come. Yet, being the bored people we are, we found it good enough to be our site of the week because we enjoyed our brief visit there.

I bet you’ve spent weeks of your life pondering what kind of punctuation mark you would be if you were a punctuation mark. Do you think you’d be an exclamation mark like EB or a comma like TC? Perhaps you’re more of a semi-colon type or maybe a boring, blasé period? Maybe you’re just itching to be a colon – or perhaps a dash of a dash?

Since TC turned out to be a comma (or is that COMA?) his life’s dreams have been shattered. He’d much rather be a spritely exclamation point like EB but just doesn’t have the flair or exciting bubbly personality that Eightball does. Poor TC. His dour countenance and mordant nature makes him an ideal comma. EB, on the other hand, is a wild, devil-may-care, party-animal, and typifies the personality required to be a perfect exclamation point. Her beer-drinking, panache, may catch up with her eventually, TC warns, but for now she’s putting on the Ritz. But, what does TC know? He’s just a stupid comma.

Our site of the week this week is just a quiz. It’s just a quiz that will give you the answer you have been searching for since birth: “What kind of punctuation mark would I be?”.

Well folks, I’m sure you’re all itching to find out if you’re an uninteresting, sour wallflower like TC or a vivacious, partier like EB. The answer is only a click and few questions away. If you visit our site pick, your lifelong wondering will be over. We cannot be responsible for you ending up being a comma like TC. If it depresses you to think you might be comma, or worse, a period, do not venture here. On the other hand, if you want to find out if there is a gregarious. swash-buckling, beer-drinking, fast-driving, wild and crazy exclamation point buried deep within you will, indeed, want to venture here.

Find out for yourself. Are you a boring comma or a wild exclamation point? We dare you to learn the answer by visiting today’s site pick.

(NOTE: If you find that you are a comma – i.e. a dour, doormat of a person, like TC, please feel free to commiserate with him. Misery does love company. Us commas must stick together!)

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