11 thoughts on “Windows 10 Acrylic Effect: The Blurry Login Screen Background

  1. J.P.

    You must have read my mind. That blurred background bugged me…and such an easy way to change it. Thanks.
    By the way, thanks, too, for suggesting that I get a new mouse. It definitely corrected my problem of having the context menu pop up on my left button instead of my right button. Have a great day you guys.

  2. Dawn Campbell

    Thank you! Thought I was getting cataracts or something!!!

  3. D.

    I was updating a friend’s computer and I saw that. I was “joking” with him and I told him this is Microsoft new security log in. You have to tell them what the picture is, and they will log you in. We just both laughed.

    Yes, he wanted that turned off as well.

  4. Marilyn Chapman

    Thanks so much. That screen really bugged me.

  5. LynnKS

    I was waiting for the screen to clear! Many thanks for your help.

  6. Brian L

    Thanks. Why would anyone want to sit and look at an unrecognizable blur while they wait for the login process to finish?!

  7. Peter

    On my Feb 2020 updated Win10 laptop (v 1909 build 18363) right click did not bring up the correct settings window (no Colours). I had to go through Search for the correct Settings app, then Settings> Personalisation> Colours> Transparency effects> OFF, which works fine. Thanks

    1. infoave Post author

      It works exactly the same on Windows 10 Version 1909:
      Right-Click the desktop
      Click on Personalize
      Click on Colors
      Turn off Transparency.

      You can also type Transparency in taskbar search and save some time.

  8. Lol

    Colors? Why would they put the setting under colors? I’d been searching all around the setting called Lock Screen to find out what was wrong with my lock screen. Obviously not thinking like a Microsoft developer.


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