28 thoughts on “Windows 10: Love it? Hate It?

    1. Charlene Roberts

      Don’t like it don’t want it and will not have it . I have a Dell Win /7 that I still am trying to get used to using and since it’s good till 2020 what is the rush ? TC you are so very right when it comes to image backups . I did download the crap they call win/10 and couldn’t get rid of it no matter what I did . The image backup finally was the ans to my nightmare . To me it’s just another way of milking people out of money . My printer didn’t work and I really had trouble trying to find where all my files and stuff were . I am on that like internet explorer not chrome and couldn’t find it either . My Paint shop program didn’t want to work either . For all of those who have it you can keep it or stuff it where the sun don’t shine for all I care .

  1. Judy

    I hate the process! After bugging me for months, I acquiesced. It said files were in the same place, but my computer showed no data files at all! No documents, no photos, no Quicken, no email. Needless to say, I was panicked. The screen presented to me was nothing like my old one.

    After several reboots, files showed up on my computer, though I still can’t find some photos.

    A week later my husband turned on his computer, and they had upgraded his, as well. He never wanted it nor did he ask for it. They had addressed me by his name, which I never gave them; I think they originally showed me his screen, which was on another operating system so unfamiliar to me.

    Trust me, you don’t want to think all your files have been wiped out!

    I have only one device, so synching is not an issue for me, but my husband can’t get his emails since the upgrade. I couldn’t at first, either.

    There are many features they offer, but require I set up an account with Microsoft, and the permissions require signing my life away with no hope of any privacy whatsoever. They also require knowing my location; I see no purpose in this, for me; as I said I have only one device, my PC with no tablet, smartphone, etc. Upshot is I don’t use their features because I will not give permission for their exceptional intrusiveness.

    Only plus so far is that Candy Crush is awesome.

  2. Bob Palmer

    To those who DON’T like it……….persevere, get used to it coz it’s here to stay! So far, it has been the most stable system that I’ve had and I’ve had them all since ’95. I would even rate it over XP.

  3. Susan Kemp

    I downloaded Windows 10 quite some time ago. It went very smoothly. Then I found that two programs I had, a memeo backup, and Adobe Photo Elements wouldn’t work with Windows 10. I had just paid $45 for the Adobe program and didn’t feel like not being able to use it. So, I had Windows 10 for all of 30 minutes. I restored it back to Windows 7 Pro, and that, also, went super smooth. No, I won’t upgrade unless I am forced to.

    1. Eleanor Simmons

      I downloaded LastPass on my Windows 10. I’d never used it before, but I love it now.

  4. Joy

    The major reason I “really don’t like Windows 10” is because I am constantly getting a black screen. Sometimes I will get a warning that says I don’t have enough memory (when I do!), and then poof!, the black screen which shuts me down. It’s awful.

  5. Darla Ritchie

    I tried to install Windows 10 over and over and it wouldn’t install. I ended up taking it to a Computer Shop and they had reinstall Windows 7 and it cost me $95.00

  6. Dennis

    I was not impressed with Windows 10 at first. Everything seemed to be hidden and finding programs such as IE/personal documents and all folders I have created. were very hard to do on the start page they chose to use. Scrolling through the app’s to find something was a pain. But after downloading http://www.classicshell.net “ the two column version” my new start page resembles the start page in Windows 7 or XP. This start page makes it a lot easier to navigate and now I have all my app’s on a one page view.
    I like it better now.

  7. Eleanor Simmons

    I was terrified of giving up my Windows XP and kept it til it died on me 6 mos ago at age 7-1/2 years. I mainly dreaded losing Outlook Express. However, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised that Windows 10 wasn’t anything to be afraid of and I very easily got used to it. I’m 70+ and getting used to new computer things was scary. I’m delighted to say I was foolish to be afraid. My husband has a Windows 7 Dell and he downloaded Win 10, but didn’t have a good experience so he deleted it. I think I was OK because I bought a new computer with 10 already installed on it.

  8. Ken Davis

    I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4, my PC desktop, and now my Lumia 550 phone all this change took a bit of absorbing. But with a bit of practice to get familiar with the changes from Windows 7, I like it and am glad I made the change. It may not suit everyone, but I’m pleased to have moved on as we all must do, and leave what was very good at the time, a distant memory. Look what happened to Windows 95, and most of us thought it was pretty good.

  9. Richard Boll

    I do not like 10 xp was a very good program and the “better” change is stupid

  10. Jeff

    Yes—well they try to get you to install Win 10 with the incentive of it being free—until July 2016!!
    I have a laptop, Dell Studio 1747 core i7 PCU Q740 1.7GHz. Subsequently, Win10 was installed on it—and it look nice and responded well—but alas—the slot load optical drive would not function properly—had trouble reading a disk, or refused to read a disk—- and then, would not eject the disk!!! Naturally, I reinstalled Win 7—with no more trouble.
    During the whole issue, I went to Dell’s website and found out that Dell—in their wisdom—were not going to do any support updates for Win 10 for that model (1747 Dell)

  11. Sondra Vannice

    I’m so glad I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10! The first Windows version I installed was Windows 3.0 on my 386 computer. It was so much easier to use than DOS! I liked Win 95 a lot, and XP was my favorite OS until now. There is always a learning curve with a new system, but Win 10 is worth the effort!

    Windows 10 has been trouble free and a very stable OS. It works well with my printer and other devices, including a very old Logitech Webcam, which surprised me! LOL I have not had any problems with software compatibility, and the transition has been a breeze. Emsisoft and Reg Organizer helps to keep things running smoothly.

    Chrome has been my favorite browser since it first came out. I took one look at Edge and made Chrome the default browser!

    I have never used Last Pass, but have used Roboform since your first recommended it several years ago. I don’t know what I would do without it. I also use the Roboform To Go (passwords are on a flash drive) and the Android version for my cell phone. It’s a wonderful password program, and I enthusiastically recommend it. It works great with Windows 10 and the Chrome browser.

  12. Rose Cantalini

    I’m still trying to like Win 10. I seem to spend a lot of time trying to find files and/or folders. Also, many folders are empty when I try to open them. Then a while later I find something in those folders. It is like going in circles. I’ll be working on Win 10 for quite a while to get used to it.

  13. Don

    I installed W10 and used it for awhile then went back to W7. I am 88 years old and will have W7 support until 2020. After that I may be asking, “what is a computer?”. W7 is my friend.

  14. Helga

    I must be one of the lucky ones, because W 10 worked for me from the beginning. One day, it downloaded itself ! ? ….. although not happy about it, I knew better than to interrupt the download. I felt secure because I had a pre- and post-check key from CloudEight. But before I could even make an appointment for these checks, I had to complete a complicated tax return with my accountant and my bank, going here and there and everywhere and printing and sending and receiving documents. And all went well, not a single problem because of the new OS. A short while later though, I had TC check out my computer and that gave me complete peace of mind. If things are a bit different from W 8.1, I try to find a way around, or the CloudEight Newsletter and InfoAve talk about it and that helps. I am comfortable with W 10; so far it does everything I want and need it to do.

  15. Dawn Campbell

    I was doing really good with it on the conversion BUT when I had to get a new computer then I could kick Windows 10 in the teeth. Lost my programs, can’t find anything and their SEARCH feature came over on the ark! Hate it. And losing Picasa was one of the biggest blunders of all. Now I can’t find anything, everything is scattered all over hell’s half acre and I am sorry but I could rant all day. Why the H do the companies fix something that ain’t broke is beyond me. Same goes for Facebook!
    Rant over!

    1. Carol Munson Ross

      I agree with the SEARCH. I have not adapted to that yet.

  16. June

    I downloaded Win 10 – big mistake. My Word starter 2010 want work, cannot find documents, card programs
    want work and many other programs I have will not work. They did not tell me this when they offered the free

    1. infoave Post author

      Office Starter was installed by your computer manufacturer as a stepping stone to Microsoft Office. You can download Office Starter from here — I can’t tell you if it will install on Windows 10 since I have Microsoft Office installed.

      Old greeting card programs that don’t work on Windows 10 is not the fault of Microsoft, it’s the fault of the developer who didn’t keep the program up-to-date. Some of those greeting card programs were made for Windows 98 and Windows XP – they are over 15 years-old. That’s like blaming a car company because you can’t find parts for your 1967 Chevy.

  17. Carol Munson Ross

    I went from XP to 10 in Sept 2015 after using XP for 15 years.

    There was certainly a learning curve. With patience & effort, my new 10 computer looks very much like my XP Classic setup. I did not even like the new XP look & never used it!

    There are still a couple of items that bother me & I suspect mostly due to the fact that I don’t understand them. Automatic maintenance comes to mind. Updates seem to be a problem for all Windows versions. Mine are off & it is my choice on when I accept them.

    I did have to get newer versions of a couple of programs although many of my XP programs work just fine on 10. Of course I transferred all my files manually so I had no problems in that area.

    I will be staying with 10.

  18. LIttleFireRuru

    I like Windows 10 and I didn’t have a hard time getting use to it at all and I was able to find things once I got the hang of it and I don’t use the window 10 menu I put on Start Menu X and I was able to find everything with out a problem I think it is the next best system to XP I have all of my comps on WIndows 10 the only thing I don’t like is that when I put Incredimail on that I can’t get my gmail to work in it so I had to settle for Thunderbird instead. but that is ok I like stationery in my emails to friends and I had found an easy to put in stationery in my thunderbird so I am ok. but I do like Windows 10 alot.

  19. Holly H Cohen

    I had Windows 10 on my computer for 3 days and HATED it, went back to Windows 8.1 and am OK Unless I have to
    get a new computer at some point down the road. I am a older lady and these frequent changes to everything is just too much to absorb anymore!! I do so appreciate though for Cloudeight to be there for the help they give all of us 🙂

  20. Roxanne

    I like Windows 10 except for the fact I can’t view my cds or dvds anymore! I can’t even download anything of off them either. I don’t like it that I can’t download my pictures the way I use too at all. NO ONE can tell me if there is a program or setting that will help me with this. Other than these problems I love Windows 10


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