Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi

By | February 23, 2011
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Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi

Most people are not aware that Windows 7 includes a feature called Virtual Wi-Fi. Virtual Wi-Fi turns your PC or laptop into a wireless router – a virtual hotspot. Any other Wi-Fi enabled device in range will see your Virtual Windows 7 Wi-Fi as a new network will be able to share your internet connection.

Please note that Virtual Wi-Fi only works if the network drivers installed in your PC or laptop supports it – not all do. You’ll have to check with your computer manufacturer to see – and always make sure you have the latest updated drivers for your adapter installed.

If your wireless adapter supports Virtual Wi-Fi, the easiest way to set it up is with a tool like Virtual Router – which is free, and very easy to use. You will be up and sharing your new Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi connection before you say “gimme wireless”!

One thought on “Windows 7 Virtual Wi-Fi

  1. Frank Dushan

    Thank you for giving me an idea about Virtual Wi-Fi! Never heard about it.


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