Your Computer Won’t Bite II

By | March 9, 2011
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Our best ebook ever - everything you need to know - like the truth

Thank you for making our newest ebook, “Your Computer Won’t Bite II” our fastest selling ebook ever!

Our new ebook, “Your Computer Won’t Bite II” will show you:

  • How online retailers use fear to get you to buy software you don’t need, wasting your money and causing annoying problems with your PC.
  • Why shopping and banking online is as safe, or safer, than shopping and banking at local establishments.
  • Where you can get some of the greatest books ever written – for free.
  • How you can learn a foreign language online – without spending a penny
  • How to protect and maintain your computer without purchasing anything
  • Why you don’t need Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office anymore
  • Why and how computers in the not-too-distant-future will be very different from those we use right now
  • How  “The Cloud” will change the way you use your computer.
  • Why strong passwords are more important than ever – and how to create strong passwords and remember them
  • Why there is so much misinformation on the web
  • And much, much more. Get “Your Computer Won’t Bite II” right now – it will change the way you think about The Internet and your computer.

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“Your Computer Won’t Bite II” is completely different from any other ebook we’ve ever written. It’s a novella-sized ebook that contains a lot of information and a lot of good advice. It’s based on our 15 years experience surviving, working, and playing on the Internet. We pass on to readers what we’ve learned. It contains twelve chapters covering everything from RAM to spam to how many companies and individuals try so hard to keep you confused and fearful. We show you some of the best of the Internet and some of the worst of the Internet. You’ll find out how to “get by on the cheap” – how to be safe without spending a dime…and much more.

We hope you will consider helping us by ordering a copy of our new “Your Computer Won’t Bite II” ebook – available now as a download, on USB and on CD-ROM. It’s our very best ebook every. If you read this book, you’ll understand why things are the way they are – and you’ll get a glimpse of the not too distant future when things will be much different than now.

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