After 25 Years Microsoft Finally Kills Internet Explorer

By | August 19, 2020
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After 25 Years Microsoft Finally Kills Internet Explorer 

Internet Explorer

Microsoft announced it’s finally killing Internet Explorer, once the most popular browser in the world. Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support Internet Explorer 11 – the final version of the browser – beginning November 30, 2020. The remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will end support for the browser next year.

In a blog post, Microsoft explains that the world had moved on and Internet Explorer can no longer keep up.

Customers have been using IE 11 since 2013 when the online environment was much less sophisticated than the landscape today. Since then, open web standards and newer browsers—like the new Microsoft Edge—have enabled better, more innovative online experiences. We believe that Microsoft 365 subscribers, in both consumer and commercial contexts, will be well served with this change through faster and more responsive web access to greater sets of features in everyday toolsets like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more…

Respecting investments in IE 11 web apps

We understand the need to “do more with less” in the new business environment. By the dates listed above, customers should no longer access Microsoft 365 apps and services using IE 11, but we want to be clear that IE 11 isn’t going away and that our customers’ own legacy IE 11 apps and investments will continue to work. Customers have made business-critical investments in IE 11 legacy apps and we respect that those apps are still functioning….

After March 9, 2021, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will not receive new security updates

The new Microsoft Edge is our best expression of a modern browser—we’re excited for customers to experience it. Apps and sites created for Microsoft Edge Legacy will continue to work in the new Microsoft Edge, but if a compatibility issue does arise, we have our App Assure promise to provide support.

Microsoft Edge legacy is being replaced by the Chromium-based “new” Microsoft Edge. If you currently use Internet Explorer and you don’t want to use MS Edge, it’s time to start looking for a new favorite browser.

3 thoughts on “After 25 Years Microsoft Finally Kills Internet Explorer

  1. D.

    I wonder if Internet Explorer 11 can be removed later from Windows 10 without a lot of issues.

  2. Me

    I hate to hear this. While I seldom use Internet Explorer anymore, I still need it to accurately print reports from my IRA custodian and this is a major bank. Neither Edge nor Firefox nor Chrome will do it without missing info. IE has better print options.

    1. infoave Post author

      Any major bank should have long ago upgraded its services to work with modern browsers instead of forcing their customers to use outdated technology. You can print from any browser using CTRL+P. If you want more options you can install a print extension like Print Friendly to increase the number of options. Personally, I don’t think it is fair to blame Microsoft for moving on from a 25-year-old web browser when it’s your bank that is forcing you to use an outdated – and soon-to-be unsupported and therefore unsafe browser. It’s easy to blame Microsoft, but seriously, 25 years is forever in the world of technology. Tell your bank they need to keep up with the times. They’ve had 25 years to do it.


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