An Easy Way to Share Pictures, Text and Clips With Anyone

By | August 31, 2018
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Cloudeight Site Pick - JustPaste.itAn Easy Way to Share Pictures, Text and Clips With Anyone

We featured this site a long time ago, back when it was brand new. And we revisited it today and we were surprised that it has been keeping up with the times… and it still one of the easiest ways to share pictures, text, movies, videos and more with anyone.

It’s to   hare using… just imagine all the ways you could use it.

But before we send you off to share stuff, here’s some interesting info from the developers of – paste text and share with your friends

The quickest way to share text & images with other people – 5 million users around the world know about it 

Why is so special?

Anonymous by default

We offer high level of privacy for both writers and readers. You don’t have to create account to publish something. There’s no advertising on entire page and we are not using any social media scripts. You can be sure that information about your activity on the site won’t be used by advertising or social media companies.

Easy to use text editor with text formatting feature

Just paste text from another web page or a word processor. The text formatting and images will be preserved.

Pictures and movies

You can easily add images to your notes by dropping them on selected area or you can paste images directly from the clipboard into the editor. Embed videos.Embed videos using the embed video tag…

Short URLs with

Each note has a good-looking, short URL that can be used on social networking sites.

Code highlighting

Want to show your application code? Set note content type to “Source code”, and your code will be colored appropriately. You can also use  tags.

Save notes as PDF

Your notes can be downloaded as PDF files.

What you can share with it?

  • longer comments on Twitter or Facebook

  • selected parts of websites

  • favorite pictures

  • articles on social sites

  • school notes

  • ideas and appeals

Are you in a sharing mood?

Good! Share text and pictures with you anyone you like – all you have to do is visit  and share away!

2 thoughts on “An Easy Way to Share Pictures, Text and Clips With Anyone

  1. Gail

    When I clicked the links above, I got the following message:
    Oops! An Error Occurred
    The server returned a “400 Bad Request”.
    Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    Any ideas?


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