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The Biggest Online Threat You Face Isn’t a Virus – It’s Rogues

Here’s a tip you won’t remember until you need it. But this little tip can pull you out of some serious problems. There are hundreds of new rogue security programs (also known as “scareware) on the Web, and they all follow the same M.O. Viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware, and other malicious files are very dangerous, but if you’re… Read More »

Why Do-Not-Track Won’t Work

Fifteen years ago, people in the technology field were very concerned about online privacy. They came up with a convoluted and complicated privacy solution called P3P. it failed to win the approval of anyone other than geeks because it was far too complex, complicated, and unwieldy for the average user to learn. P3P went down the proverbial tubes.… Read More »

Highlight, Annotate, and Email Interesting Web sites and Articles to Yourself or Your Friends!

Karen asks about a freeware service and browser add-on called Awesomehighlighter Thank you so much for providing us with such helpful information ,I thought this site would be really helpful and beneficial, now I haven’t downloaded it, but would love to try it, but thought maybe you would like to check it out, it is something we could… Read More »

Are You Going to be a Cyber-Criminal’s Next Victim? Well…are you?

OK folks. We’re determined to keep you safe. We don’t want you being a hacker’s next victim. If you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, online banking, do online shopping, pay bills online, or log into any site where your personal information is stored – and you use a simple dictionary word password, or your birthday, or your name,… Read More »