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Don’t Forget to Check Your Antivirus False-positives

We were recently bombarded with email from Avast users because suddenly, without warning, Avast detected Cloudeight CalenderPal as being infected with the virus: Win32:Evo-gen. Avast is well-known for its high rate of false-positives. A false-positive is a harmless file detected as a malicious file. If an antivirus cannot differentiate a bad, malicious file from a good, safe file, then… Read More »

Search Like a Pro

Search Like A Pro Do you ever search for things using a search engine and find yourself scrolling through page after page of irrelevant search results until you finally get to what you were search for? Here are some search engines tips and tricks that we use that work in almost all search engines. We use Google, but… Read More »

How Does Your Browser Measure Up?

What’s the fastest browser? As with all things on the Internet, misinformation abounds. There’s only one sure way of testing how fast a browser is — that is by testing it and putting it through its paces. And there exists a site that lets you put your favorite browser through its paces. Do you have ten to fifteen… Read More »