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What is a PUP?

We  wanted to share this interesting article by our friends at Emsisoft – we think it will help you better understand PUPs and why you don’t want to have any. Most antivirus programs don’t prevent, detect or remove PUPs — yet PUPs can be as disruptive as viruses and Trojans — and you’re far more likely to encounter… Read More »

Unchecky checks to make sure you don’t leave sneakware checkboxes checked

Windows users, more than anyone else are targets for sneaky installers that add unwanted programs to your computer, and hijacking toolbars to your browsers. If you keep installing bundled sneakware, your computer will become erratic and start becoming unresponsive — and if you let it go on and on, it will start doing odd things — and finally… Read More »

Protector Rogue Re-emerges

Most of you know that Emsisoft is our top pick for virus and malware protection. Always ranked highly by the most respected anti-virus testing labs, Emsisoft continues to stay ahead of the pack. By keeping on top of the latest threats, Emsisoft is ready to protect you BEFORE the next big troublemaker comes along. Nothing illustrates this better… Read More »

You don’t need a special software program to protect yourself from Cryptolocker ransomware

We have been literally besieged with emails from folks who subscribe to other tech newsletters – besides ours — who want to know if a new program created to stop the Cryptolocker ransomware malware, which as  featured in newsletters x, y, or z is any good. We wrote an article, a while back, about Cryptolocker and in that… Read More »