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Scam Alert: Companies That Defraud Consumers With Worthless Technical Support In Trouble

Alleged tech support scammers come up with all kinds of alibis to counter complaints Companies sued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Microsoft for allegedly defrauding consumers with worthless Windows technical support have spun tales involving flakey Internet connections, it’s-not-us-it’s-scammers, new management software and unanswered emails to counter hundreds of consumer complaints this year, Better Business Bureau… Read More »

You Don’t Need a Firewall

You Don’t Need a Firewall We started debating this issue a long time ago — and we told our readers then not to waste money or 3rd-party firewalls or buying security software that had a firewall. We became more and more suspicious as companies who make anti-virus suites started making outrageous claims as to what the firewall contained… Read More »

40 Reasons Why You DON’T Need An Antivirus

When Emsisoft blogs something we think is important and/or interesting, we like to share it with you. And today’s Emsisoft blog is important and interesting – even if a little sarcasm seeps through. It’s pointed stuff we think you should read so we’re passing it on to you.  Good read! Darcy & TC  40 Reasons Why You DON’T… Read More »