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What’s going on with Malwarebytes?

We’ve recently become aware that Malwarebytes no longer detects at least two of the most ubiquitous malware products (politely known to us as PUPs — Potentially Unwanted Programs), those two being Ask Toolbar and Conduit. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with Malwarebytes, we still recommend it. We’re just concerned that this may become a slippery slope. Malwarebytes… Read More »

A hacker stole millions of names and email addresses – Were you a victim too?

A “hacker” stole millions of names and email addresses –were you a victim too? Information is the new gold. Information about you is being collected and collated and, unfortunately, shared with companies and organizations without your knowledge, permission, or consent. The companies who collect this information are companies you do business with and trust. Companies like Best Buy,… Read More »