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Don’t Forget to Check Your Antivirus False-positives

We were recently bombarded with email from Avast users because suddenly, without warning, Avast detected Cloudeight CalenderPal as being infected with the virus: Win32:Evo-gen. Avast is well-known for its high rate of false-positives. A false-positive is a harmless file detected as a malicious file. If an antivirus cannot differentiate a bad, malicious file from a good, safe file, then… Read More »

Just the Facts Ma’am

Police Departments Skirting Public Accountability By Using Private Foundations To Obtain Controversial Surveillance Technology The less the public knows about law enforcement surveillance technology, the better. That’s the thought process governing the purchase and deployment of technology like Stingray devices and automatic license plate readers. In the case of the former, even the nation’s top cops (the FBI)… Read More »