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The FBI Wants YOU… to reboot your router

The FBI Wants YOU… to reboot your router If you use a home or office router, there’s a chance your router may be infected with “VPNFilter” a type of Russia malware designed to infect routers and cause them to stop working or maybe, even worse, pilfer private & personal information as it passes through the router. The FBI… Read More »

If You Have Children or Grandchildren Read This

If You Have Children or Grandchildren Read This Researchers at Check Point have discovered malware in apps aimed at children which display porn advertisements, encourage installation of fake security software, and steal personal information and credentials. The apps were available from Google Play and since the report (featured below) was published, Google has removed the apps and the… Read More »

Emsisoft Receives Another Award

Emsisoft Receives Another Award A few years back, after Malwarebytes and Windows Security Essentials both let users down ( see our articles on Malwarebytes here and here ) we began testing other antimalware and antivirus solutions. After several weeks of intense testing, we found Emsisoft protected computers better than any other security product we tested. But even thought we… Read More »

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature

Emsisoft’s New Anti-Ransomware Feature The latest WannaCry ransomware outbreak raised a lot of eyebrows as it wreaked havoc around the world, causing the shutdown of some hospitals in the U.K. and several large companies to suspend operations for 24 hours or longer. It has been a fact, in the past, that if your device were infected with ransomware,… Read More »