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The Pharmer in the Dell: Redux

The Pharmer in the Dell: Redux Ten years ago, in 2005, Dell tried sneaking malware/PUPs onto their computers and we wrote it up and called them out. In 2012 we republished the article ( with some changes ) because Dell again tried to trick consumers into purchasing computers with pre-installed malware and/or PUPs. Well, the more things change, the… Read More »

Emsisoft Wins Again

Emsisoft Wins Again We’ve been recommending Emsisoft for quite a while now. After Microsoft Security Essentials started going down hill and Malwarebytes decided to ignore many PUPs, we got busy and started evaluating security products. What we were looking for was not a security suite with all kinds of useless stuff (Spam Blockers, site raters, etc.) but a… Read More »