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Emsisoft 3 for 1

Celebrating a brand new version of Emsisoft: Emsisoft 12 – with improved ransomware protection and more! Right now you can protect 3 computers for the price of one! With our exclusive Cloudeight discount buy a 1 -year license good for use on up to 3 computers for just $29.95! That’s only $10 per computer. You can’t beat that!… Read More »

The Hitler “Ransonware” (Another attempt to steal your money)

The Hitler “Ransonware” (Another attempt to steal your money) Cybercrooks have put together Hitler-themed ransomware that simply deletes files on encrypted PCs. The (apparently prototype) Windows malware displays a lock screen1 featuring the infamous Austrian dictator, together with a demand falsely stating that files have been encrypted. The ransomware says files can supposedly be recovered by paying 25… Read More »

The malware landscape has shifted – These online threats are waiting for you in 2016

The following article was recently posted on the Emsisoft blog. It’s an excellent malware primer that can help take some of the confusion out of understanding the different kinds of malware that lurk around every corner of the Web.  We’ve edited the article slightly. We thank the Emsisoft team for allowing us to share this with you. The… Read More »