Cloudeight Site Pick: OMGPOP

By | March 12, 2011
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OK, I’m back. EB reluctantly gave me the joy of finding the site of the week this week. And ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to say it took me about 27 minutes to find this site, but I spent about an hour and a half playing the games – mostly Letterbox – a rip off of Scrabble. But it’s free; you really can’t expect them to pay royalties to Milton Bradley, or whomever makes Scrabble. I played until I beat those other slugs and quit while I was ahead –because that’s the kind of guy I am. Now EB is the kind of girl who lets you win, then tells you she could have beat you had she tried. Yeh! EB is an esoteric ice-frog!

Anyway, I really don’t like internet acronyms, LOL. OMG, anyway, I found this site that you’re going to find such a time waster, you’ll going to think EB was on the prowl – but nope! It was all me!

So, enough of this insane, inane prattling. Go play Letterbox – or some of the other swell rip-offs of the games you know and love; they’re all free. Free for you and royalty-free (apparently) for them. You know what the say – aspiring artists create, good artists borrow, and great artists steal.

So steal some time from your work and go play some games. OMGPOP is a an Official Cloudeight Site Pick. We should give them a badge or something!

You know, I really hate to type this, because I’m really an acronymophobe, but the name of the site is really, honestly: OMGPOP. You will waste a lot of hours there – and it will cost you nothing but the one thing none of us have enough of… time.

OMGPOP is an Official Cloudeight Site Pick – you can get there from here.

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