Control Active Windows Using Your Keyboard

By | July 17, 2019
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Control Active Windows Using Your Keyboard

These tips work in Windows 7, Windows 8x and Windows 10 (all versions)

Some shortcuts make managing windows quicker and easier. For instance,  you can quickly switch between your email, browser, e-mail, graphic programs, messenger, and other programs without using your mouse or touchpad. 

Here are a few of them:

Minimize a window to your taskbar
With the window you want to minimize in focus (on top) press ALT + SPACEBAR + N (in sequence)

Maximize a window so it takes up your whole desktop
With the window you want to maximize in focus (on top) press Alt + SPACEBAR + X (in sequence)

Switch to the last window you had open
Hold down ALT, then click TAB key

Switch to any open program/window
While holding down the ALT key, press TAB key until the window you want is visible/on top

Cloudeight Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10

Close a window
With the window you want to close in focus (on top), hold down the ALT key and tap F4

Restore a window so it’s visible but does not take up your whole desktop
ALT + SPACEBAR + R (in sequence)

If you use these shortcuts often you’ll know them by heart and they will save you time. If you don’t use them often you’ll forget them, but at least now you know they exist.

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