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By | April 16, 2011
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First. If you’re using dialup this program isn’t for you. Sorry. Not only is it a 34.6MB download but in order for you to use it, you’ll need a fast Internet connection.

Now on with the show. Pogoplug is nothing like a pogostick. EB’s great grandfather invented the pogostick -that’s why I’m allowed to spell it that way. Anyway, EB’s great grandfather – who was a mild-mannered, meek, kindly old soul like me – often ran afoul of EB’s great grandmother who was feisty and mean like EB. Not only was she gnarly, but she was quick. EB’s unfortunate great grandfather often could not get away quick enough to avoid the catastrophic rear-end chewing administered, without mercy, by EB’s great grandmother.

Man she was a mean old soul; EB comes by her countenance honestly.

Well a man can only take so much before he either turns to drink or learns to run faster. But EB’s great grandpa was nigh on 90 and great grandma was still chewing him out for stuff like drinking straight out of the milk jug or not shaking the handle on the toilet.

To make a long story short – because frankly EB’s heritage is just so boring – EB’s great grandfather invented the pogostick so he could get away from great grandma with more alacrity than a normal 90 year-old man should have. He used his pogostick only twice to escape his wife. The second time he used it he ran into Ron Popeil who was so impressed with it, he offered EB’s great granfather $150,000 for the idea. Back then $150,000 was a lot of Samolians – still is. It wasn’t very long after that windfall that EB’s great grandfather met Beth Ann Snark, a young, nubile waif and well-known gold digger. And thus began the branch of the family tree that begat EB.

So now you know that were not recommending pogosticks, but Pogoplug which won’t help you get away from your significant other or help you meet a nubile young waif, but what it will do will give you scads of cloud storage, a cloud drive on your computer, and files you can access from any connected device – yes, EB, even your beloved iPad and Android-X.

Pogoplug turns your computer into your own personal cloud. Pogoplug lets you share files, photos music, movies with one friend or all your friends. It lets you instantly put photos or other stuff on your Facebook page. Or you can be like EB and not share anything with anyone – you can use Pogoplug to store huge amounts of files.

Pogoplug even lets you send large files instantly, without uploading or attaching. You’ll never have to send an attachment by email again.

We installed Pogoplug today. What it does is create a virtual hard drive on your computer which is labeled P Drive. This made EB giggle hilariously – she’s got that Southern sense of humor, you know. You can drag and drop files from your computer’s hard drive to your P drive (I can’t help it – I have to smile every time I write that). So it’s essentially the same as adding another hard drive to your computer. Now you think I’m kidding about the P drive stuff, but I swear I am not.

Cloudeight InfoAve

According to ye olde P drive (I can’t help it. I have to laugh every time) I have 2 TB – that’s terabytes. I don’t know if I really have that much because I couldn’t find out exactly how much space they allow you – but they allow you a lot because they’re talking about movies – and movies are big. And I sure haven’t uploaded 2TB of data. But hey I’m working on it.

Moving files by dragging and dropping from your C:\ drive to your P:\ drive isn’t as fast as dragging files to a flash drive – or an external drive. But it’s not bad considering everything you’re dragging is being uploaded because the P:\ drive on your computer is actually a cloud drive. And you really have to love the name P:\ drive. Don’t you?

I will have to admit, Pogoplug is one of the most interesting freeware picks I’ve ever tested. It’s amazing technology. It certainly ranks as one of the best freeware picks we’ve ever had as far as the kinds of software and services I like. But I’m the adventurous type and I love things that work differently than things I’ve seen before. It’s certainly much different than Dropbox – I think I’m sold on Pogoplug now. I’m going back and play with my P:\ drive.

Our freeware pick this week is Pogoplug. You can read more about it – and or download it by visiting the Pogoplug Website

PS: If you use a mobile device, you’ll have virtually unlimited storage. You can access your files and media from your own personal cloud. Just download Pogoplug’s free mobile apps from your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. If you plan on streaming audio or video You can pay $29.00 (one-time fee) and stream movies and music to your mobile device wherever you are.

The details you love:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Window 7 (32bit/64bit)
34.6MB Windows exe file
A cloud drive for your computer

Do you have a freeware program you love? Tell us about it!

5 thoughts on “Create your own cloud drive – Cloudeight freeware pick

  1. jubalann

    This is terrible software. I cannot load anything onto the P drive per your instructions as it asks for administrator rights. I cannot access anything from the ipad and there is no support. I am surprised that you recommended this software.

    1. infoave Post author

      USA Today, Washington Post, NY Times, PC Magazine, us and many others disagree with you. If you don’t have administrator privileges you can’t do a lot of things with your computer. As far a iPad apps, we weren’t specifically recommending it for iPad save for mentioning they had an app for iPad. We tested it on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. We had no problems with the software and apparently neither do a lot of other people. Our disclaimer clearly states that every computer is different and just because something works on our computers doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

      When you don’t have administrator rights on a computer you put yourself at a disadvantage – you can’t do a lot of things – for instance copy files from one drive to another. I am not sure why you’re not logging into your computer as administrator – but you can’t expect software which requires admin right to work if you’re not logged in that way. Also, Pogoplug won’t work on iPad if you can’t set it up correctly on your PC. Obviously iPad can’t grant you rights on your Windows computer you don’t actually have on your computer.

      You’re free to disagree with our assessment of the software – but to blame the software because you have restricted rights on the PC you use, isn’t actually fair. The program requires you have administrator privileges on the PC.


    Hey Cloudeight friends,
    I ran a search on Google, at your start page, regarding Pogoplug… and most reviews are talking about a $99.00 box which is also required for use. Your excellent article didn’t mention the box! Wassup?

    1. infoave Post author

      Pogoplug also makes a USB hardware device. We weren’t recommending the hardware device also called “Pogoplug”. We were recommending Pogoplug software. They are two different things from the same company.

  3. Glen R Curtis Jr

    Well, I tried it and I like it! Thanks for the recommendation. I tested it by uploading pics to my computer and then went straight to the site. The pics had already loaded. So, it’s pretty fast at keeping up to date. But, I “shared” a picture folder with my brother to see how sharing works. He said the thumbnails were a little too small. But the main reason I tried it was to back up on the web. So it suits the purpose.


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