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Facebook Was Hacked: Here’s the Official Word

Facebook Was Hacked: Here’s the Official Word If you have a Facebook account, please read the following from the Facebook Newsroom.  We recommend that you change your Facebook as soon as possible. Make sure you use a strong password. For some ideas on how to make strong passwords that are easy to remember, see our article here. Related… Read More »

Resize your digital photos automatically

Shrink your digital photos automatically Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (32/64bit) Freeware image resizer – and a great one too! Today’s digital cameras produce high-quality photos to be sure. But these high-resolution images can be 5, 10, 15, or even 20 MB in size. This is great if you’re planning on printing your photos – but… Read More »

Facebook and WOT – WOT??

Carole asks about Facebook and WOT Facebook is now going to use WOT … What will happen, they are already having trouble, what will happen? Our Answer Your guess is a good as ours. WOT is getting a lot of recognition and working their way into a lot of different areas. This is troubling. Not many people really… Read More »

Image resizing made easy – Cloudeight freeware pick – 3/26/2011

You know I love this developer. The guy’s an optimist and a realist. He says if you don’t download his program, it’s a crime. We have seen a lot of ways to get people to download a program, but we’ve never heard it put that way. So, my fellow netizens, if you don’t download this program, you’re committing… Read More »