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Facebook and WOT – WOT??

Carole asks about Facebook and WOT Facebook is now going to use WOT … What will happen, they are already having trouble, what will happen? Our Answer Your guess is a good as ours. WOT is getting a lot of recognition and working their way into a lot of different areas. This is troubling. Not many people really… Read More »

Avast’s “site rating” feature

MaryLee on Avast’s’ new site rating feature Hi TC & EB, On your suggestion, I was just about to uninstall the free version of Avast, to try the Microsoft program you recommended recently, when Avast made an update to their program, so I downloaded the new version. Now I see that they have a “rate this site,” which… Read More »

Safe Surfing Toolbars

Once upon a time, Ben Edelman, a really smart guy who fought – and still fights – against the scams, spyware and trickery on the Internet, invented a toolbar called “Site Advisor”. And we saw it and said “It is good.” And it was. In those days, browsers didn’t come with anti-phishing protection, and Site Advisor was a… Read More »