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A Comprehensive List of Antivirus Uninstallers

    A Comprehensive List of Antivirus Uninstallers Here’s a comprehensive list of antivirus removal tools (uninstallers) that you should use if you decide to remove your current antivirus program. We’ve found that trying to remove antivirus programs with Control Panel/Programs/Remove a program – or by trying to remove them via Settings > Apps > Apps & Features,… Read More »

Too much security?

Sandy wonders if she has too much security I recently started using Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) on a new Dell computer XPS9100. I’m also using Windows Live Mail and running IE9. My problem is: almost every time I try to open a link to/from a website on IE9 or WLM, I get this message “there was a… Read More »

Safe Surfing Toolbars

Once upon a time, Ben Edelman, a really smart guy who fought – and still fights – against the scams, spyware and trickery on the Internet, invented a toolbar called “Site Advisor”. And we saw it and said “It is good.” And it was. In those days, browsers didn’t come with anti-phishing protection, and Site Advisor was a… Read More »