Four Quick Tips for Outlook Express and Windows Mail

By | April 22, 2011
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Tip #1
Take a look at your Outlook Express/Windows Mail message folders. When you delete a message or move it to another folder, Outlook Express/Windows Mail marks the original message as deleted and does not really remove it. Right Click on the Deleted Items folder and empty it. Now, with the “Deleted Items Folder” still highlighted, from the top toolbar choose File / Folder / Compact All Folders to free up all the space occupied by those deleted messages. If you’ve never done this before, emptying the folders can take quite a while. After following this tip, you may find that Outlook Express/Windows Mail loads faster for you.

Tip #2
Want a quick way to view a received email’s message headers (this is the detailed information that you need when tracking down where spam really originated from). Open the email message and hit the Ctrl key and the F3 key. The message headers will pop right up.

Tip #3
Want to know how to delete a message without it going into the deleted items folder? Highlight the offending message press the delete key while holding down the shift key. Be careful, once you do this, the message is gone. To delete a more than one message without sending them to the “Deleted Items” folder? Select the messages by clicking each one while holding down the “ctrl” key.

Tip #4
We all know that attachments borne by email messages can often be harmful and we should never open any attachment unless we’re absolutely sure of who it is from and we were expecting it. Here’s a handy tip to make those messages with attachments stand out by highlighting them with color:

* Select Tools / Message Rules / Mail… from the toolbar in the main (not compose) Outlook Express window.
* Make the rule’s condition, “Where the message has an attachment”
* Set the action to: Highlight it with color.
* Select the color by clicking on color in the Rule Description.
* Give your rule a name like “Attachment Warning”
* Click OK.

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