Cloudeight Freeware Pick 3/02/2011

By | March 2, 2011
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A tool to make resizing and renaming your photos a snap
For Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Did you ever have a folder full of pictures that you wanted to resize or rename? You didn’t? Oh you don’t have a camera? You’re excused. See the next tip then.

OK for the rest of you – those with folder after folder of huge wall-sized images fresh out of that brand new 12 megapixel camera, this is a program you’ll use an enjoy. We might have named this a freeware pick of the week, but it’s so simple and lightweight, it’s more a free tool than freeware pick – if you like to split semantics.

If you find yourself resizing images off – or renaming images with a prefix, suffix or numerically, this program will save you time. Lots of time. Yes, that is a sentence fragment. You’re correct.

Now, on the gist of this little tip. The program is called, surprisingly, Resize My Photos. You wouldn’t guess by its name what it does, would you? It’s small (460KB) file that installs quickly and easily. The program is lightning fast and works exactly as a program like this should.

Here are the highlights of Resize My Photos, courtesy of the program’s author:

“–Resize multiple images at once (batch resizing)
–NEW! Supports JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF file types
–Supports selecting folders or files
–Resize images by limiting the longest edge (fit to a box), height or width
–NEW! Resize images by a specific percentage
–Add a prefix or suffix for output images
–NEW! Ability to add sequence numbers to file names
–Manually set output directory or use the same directory as original files
–Set image quality for resized JPEG images
–NEW! Keep EXIF data of resized JPEG images
–Open images or folders by dragging and dropping them from Windows Explorer to Resize My Photos (or on a shortcut)
–Open images or folders by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer context-menu
–Asks user for confirmation before any files are overwritten
–NEW! Ability to save and load resize options and set he default values
–NEW! Multi-language support (currently English, German and Finnish – translate to another language?)
–Easy to install and uninstall ”

Doesn’t this sound like a handy tool? It has a handy price tag too – FREE. If you’re interested, you can read more about Resize My Photos – and download it too – from the Resize My Photos home page.

Note: The author’s first language isn’t English. Luckily, English isn’t a programming language. Some readers think that English isn’t our first language either; but in Michigan and Ohio we do speak English. Honest.

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