Cloudeight Freeware Pick – March 1, 2011

By | March 1, 2011
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What is it? A web-based sticky note application
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac
Web based – no download – Yippee!


Those of you who really despise treehuggers, be forewarned. The company who created this service is swarming with them. If you are upset by this, grab a chainsaw and take it out on your favorite tree. When you’ve exorcised your demons, return to us and continue on. Repeat as necessary. If you don’t feel better in the morning, call your a friend who hates tree huggers and commiserate.

End of Disclaimer

Whew! Disclaimer out of the way. Who doesn’t like sticky notes? EB put down your warty hand. You love sticky notes just as much as anyone else. Yes, Delores? Yes we are aware that Windows 7 has its own built-in sticky notes program. Yes, it is nice. We agree. But what if you’re in Lower Slobovia taking a course on making poison blow darts from the sap of Bolivian tree frogs, and you can’t remember if you paid your Visa card bill this week? You wrote yourself a sticky note but it’s on your Windows 7 laptop back at the hotel and you are 75 miles away in the rain forest, sitting in front a big, boiling pot of tree frog sap. What can you do? Well you have your smartphone with you, don’t you? Who the heck would ever think of boiling tree frog sap without a smartphone handy? (EB put down your hand, please! You are disrupting my class!) Sans your Windows 7 laptop, you just fire up your smartphone (Lower Slobovia has a really good 4G network) and browse to your Listhings account (Yes EB? Of course it’s free.) and you can see your sticky notes – all of them, including the one that one that says “Don’t forget to pay Visa, it’s already 2-months past due!” Now it’s a month later, so you need to plan on buying a tent (with cash) and hiding out in an obscure part of the rain forest, next to the tree frogs, because when the hotel learns your Visa card is no good, they’ll send out a party of really mean head shrinkers to find you. And if they do, that pot with all the bubbling tree frog sap, will be used to simmer your head, and you will be the star of big head shrinking ceremony – one you’re sure to want to miss.

See? Listhings might come in handy – it might virtually keep you from losing your head! What the heck am I talking about? I better head in a different direction.  This is an excellent time to bring in the web app’s developers to clear things up for you, dear reader. My head is in a quandary, and I’m sure yours is too – full of images of shrunken heads and steamy, boiling tree frog sap. (Yes EB? What is it now? Then go outside and get some fresh air – sorry my story made you queasy.)

Here, without any further fanfare, are the developers of Listhings to clarify things for you:

“…Listhings is an eco-friendly web app for storing your notes.

Back in the days, people used fridges to stick notes to. Now people use Listhings – the free web app for taking notes. You can use Listhings to store ToDo’s, titles of great songs, phone numbers, shopping lists, you-name-it. The notes are automatically saved to Listhings database servers. When you’re a registered user, you can access your notes from anywhere, share them with anyone and collaborate in real-time.

We’re hosted by a company who is 100% carbon neutral which means for every bit of energy consumed, Emission Reduction Credits are be purchased. These will be turned into, well, new trees, for example…”

See treehugger haters? We warned you. For the rest of you: You don’t need to sign up for a free account to try Listhings. You can go and play around with the program all you want. However, if you want to save your notes and be able to access them from any computer, smartphone, tablet pc, or other internet-connected device with access to a web browser, you’ll need to create a free account. They don’t need much info – just an email address and a password. Then if you find yourself away from your computer and you can’t remember what the heck was on your grocery list, you can login to your Listhings account and see what you wrote.

Visit Listhings right now and play around accountless – if you like Listhings, sign up for a free account and access those beautiful sticky notes from anywhere. It’s only a matter of time before you find yourself stranded in Lower Slobovia you know. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Listhings – as handy wherever you are as it is Lower Slobovia. Use your head, try our freeware pick of the week and access your notes from anywhere.

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