Freeware pick of the week – February 19, 2011

By | February 19, 2011
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Go Videos
A desktop YouTube player
Download size (total) about 2MB
Air installer (Requires Adobe Air)
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit)

This week’s freeware pick was selected for two reasons: it’s fun and it uses the Adobe Air installer. If you don’t already have Adobe Air installer, you’ll be prompted to download it when you download the freeware pick “Go Videos”. It’s good thing to have installed (Adobe Air) because you’re going to see it more and more. Why? Because it can be used on other operating systems too.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the program. A lot of people enjoy YouTube, including EB and I. There’s a lot of garbage on YouTube, but there’s a lot of good stuff too. A lot of funny stuff, a lot of serious stuff, a lot stuff you might have missed on TV like Super Bowl ads. YouTube is full of stuff – good stuff, bad stuff, tough stuff, weak stuff, general stuff (not the guy from WWII), and stuff you can’t find anywhere else. Did you know that YouTube has some great computer tutorials too?

Enough about YouTube, if you don’t know what YouTube is, you’ve been living in EB’s basement (that’s where she keeps me and her pet tarantulas). It’s dark down here, but she allows me to used this laptop on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so I can write this newsletter. And she doesn’t feed me until it’s done. She feeds the darn arachnids though. When my duty is done and the newsletters ready to go, she tosses me a slice of stale bread and some gummy worms. On Saturdays she lets me go out in the back yard with my electric collar on so I can’t run away – she has an invisible fence. How does this relate to the freeware pick? Well, there’s video of me on YouTube showing me crawling around on EB’s muddy basement floor being chased by Chester and Winifred – EB’s pet tarantulas. They don’t like me either.

So enough of the gummy worms and bread – let’s get to the meat. As usual, we’re going to bring in the program’s developer to tell you about his (her?) program. We don’t know this guy from Adam – so it could be Eve for all we know.

“This handy tool allows you to select YouTube videos in categories of Most Watched, Car, Travel, Entertainment, Recipe, Fitness, Animals, Funny, Fashion and Dance with a single click. For each common topic there are icons of sub-topics. Search results are listed as small images for easy browsing with a click. Also find anything you like by entering it in the search box.”

InfoAve by Cloudeight
Yes this is a screen shot of Go Videos running on my computer.

There’s a little screen shot for you. Pay no attention to the scantily clad lady in the bottom left. I honestly didn’t put it there. The author did. Honest. Anyway you type in the search form what you want to find on YouTube – for instance “living with tarantulas” and then little pictures appear in the program. Click a pic and there you go. You get it, right? You don’t need a browser to watch YouTube videos anymore. Hooray!

Now it’s time to say goodbye, to YouTube Videos on the web, and say “hi” to Go Videos and watch your favorite YouTube videos on your desktop sans browser. Get Go Videos here. Yep. It’s our freeware pick of the week…I’ll bet EB’s tarantulas are on it!

2 thoughts on “Freeware pick of the week – February 19, 2011

  1. George Shumard

    No success in downloading the GoVideo tool after four attempts since yesterday. Bad link or some other reason?

    1. infoave Post author

      The link works fine. No problems at all, just double checked 🙂



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