Here’s Some Free Advice

By | April 8, 2018
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Here’s Some Free Advice!

First of all, this article is over 1100 words long. But, I know that you’re thinking that it’s mostly just us yammering as usual… but NO! NO! NO! I tells ya! Our ramblings account for only 353 words of the following piece of work.

I admit, rarely do we find a site or a company or anyone, whose propensity to babble and yammer on and on and on exceeds ours. But ladies and gentlemen, we’ve finally found someone who can yammer on and on even longer and better than us – and wouldn’t you know… it’s a bunch of lawyers – and other management types! But there’s more here than babble. Much like our newsletters and posts, there’s gold in these here babbles.

Unfortunately, most of us mortals need advice during the course of our lives. Insurance advice, legal advice and medical advice don’t come cheap.  When we need help with legal matters, insurance matters or medical matters, we’re exposed to another world of people who exist on different planes than the rest of us. They are called “doctors” and “lawyers” and “insurance moguls”. Sometimes they look down upon us, the huddled masses, with pity or scorn and/or sometimes greed– and sometimes all of the above!

After all we are the huddled masses.

There is one rule you follow when it comes to doctors and lawyers: Never ask either of them for free advice. That usually results in a severe look of disgust from the doctor or lawyer, a huge chortle from anyone who overhears you asking, and most likely, a bill for $1197.16 in your mailbox a few days later. Did you know that anything over 1.25 minutes = 1 billable hour for an attorney? ?

However, we’ve found a place on the web, where you can actually get free advice, without the looks of disgust, loud chortles, or a huge bill in your mailbox. It’s called “”. offers free legal advice, insurance advice and Senior Care Advice. The latter being an entire section devoted to seniors like me.

Yay! for being old! If you’re old, people know you’re not a sissy! It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to grow old.

Anyway, here’s what the developers say about themselves (you might want to grab a cup of coffee or a cold one, because these folks are anything but taciturn):

About is a unit of Advice Company (formerly Advice and Counsel Incorporated) founded in 1991, and an Internet leader since 1995.

The Company has an experienced, dedicated and technologically savvy Management Team, founded by a serial entrepreneur who also is a nationally recognized, top-rated attorney who became President & CEO of a unit of one of America’s largest and most respected insurance companies. Benefiting from the input of its distinguished Board of Directors, the company is privately owned, primarily by members of its Management Team, with a minority interest held by several sophisticated outside investors.

Among the Company’s ventures are:

AttorneyPages®, at, an easy to use consumer oriented national directory of qualified attorneys, lawyers and law firms that provides marketing and lead generation services for attorneys and law firms.

Expert Pages®, at, the original and leading Internet directory of expert witnesses and consultants, which has been repeatedly recognized as “best in class” by other leading legal publishers. ExpertPages became a unit of the Company’s affiliate Adviceco Ventures Company on April 1, 2015.

FreeAdvice®, at, the first and still most visited legal and insurance information and advice website for consumers. With extensive information covering over 130 legal subjects and every type of insurance, it has been winning acclaim from national media since 1996.

Advice & Counsel Newsletter, a financial security and legally oriented print newsletter that has been distributed each month for over 15 years to tens of thousands of clients of major insurance and financial services companies. Among its customers have been Allianz, Chase, Fortis, ING, Modern Woodmen, Wellpoint and Zurich.

For the first 12 years of its existence, the Company also was a principal of, then the leading independent home improvement, maintenance and repair site, which was acquired in January, 2007 by Internet Brands Inc.

Headquartered just 3 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California, with offices on San Francisco Bay, the Company or its affiliates maintain offices and/or contract staff in the Chicago, IL., New York, NY., and Washington, DC metropolitan areas.

The easy-to-understand legal content on was prepared and is continually updated by nationally respected specialists at dozens of leading American law firms, by highly credentialed attorneys and legal professionals on the Company’s legal and editorial staffs, and by the Company’s extensive network of participating attorneys.

The insurance information at was prepared and is updated by leading insurance experts who view insurance from the consumer’s perspective, and includes extensive consumer reviews.

We welcome submission of original high quality legal, insurance and financial / investment content, including articles, Q&As, how to’s, videos, and interactive tools for publication on our sites, and welcome visitor suggestions for new and expanded material.

Our FreeAdvice Forums at are the Internet’s most visited consumer legal forums. Consumers can pose questions and receive answers and suggestions from other consumers, experts and attorneys in 50 topics.

Our FreeAdvice ‘Ask a Lawyer’ service enables consumers to ask questions of lawyers, and receive answers from attorneys at no charge. seeks to provide the most useful, easy-to-understand, comprehensive and balanced legal information, general legal advice, and insurance help and to consumers and small businesses. It also helps connect consumers to attorneys and insurance professionals to get personal advice, help and solutions for their legal and insurance problems.

Online for over nearly 20 years, has won numerous awards and honors. It was voted the “most extremely useful” legal website for consumers in the USA Today – Intelli-Quest Poll, selected by PC World as one of the Best 125 Free Sites on the entire Web, named the legal site of the year by Access Magazine and highlighted as one of the 100 featured sites of PC Magazine’s Best 1000 websites. FreeAdvice has received repeated accolades and top recognition on many radio and TV shows and in such highly respected publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post’s and Forbes Magazine’s “Best of the Web” the leading legal website for consumers. also has benefited from advice and input from members of its former Editorial Advisory Board comprised of distinguished attorneys, including law school deans and law professors, consumer advocates, former senior Government officials, senior partners at several of America’s leading law firms, and senior counsel in leading corporate law departments and consumer organizations.’s affiliated legal directory of consumer-oriented lawyers,, has been a leading source of information about lawyers nationwide for nearly 20 years and serves an a helpful resource for consumers and small business owners who wish to retain qualified counsel to represent them…”

I feel vindicated! I feel laconic! I pale in comparison to these wizards of verbosity!

And don’t worry folks, there’s plenty more where that came from – but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of really great free advice. So, if you’re looking for expert advice, and you don’t want to pay for it, or can’t afford to pay for it, take a gander at this Cloudeight Site Pick —

What’s that EB? Can we get sued for saying that lawyers yammer? I don’t think so. Better call your lawyer and ask her, EB!

5 thoughts on “Here’s Some Free Advice

  1. Jason Miller

    I just tried to ask a question about Social Security. To gat an answer from a lawyer, you have to first make a $5 deposit and then another $42 to chat with the attorney. They say if you are not satisfied with the answer to can get a refund. I am wondering if the answer was not what I wanted to hear is the same thing as not being satisfied. I just didn’t feel like being out $47 on that kind of stipulation. So, the advice is not actually free. You do have to pay something up front for the attorney’s advice. Then comes the sticky part of did he tell you that you do not have a case that can be won in court or he just did not give you a clear answer to your problem. What do you do then?
    Not something I really want to get involved in.

    1. infoave Post author

      There is free advice (I found the answer to a question about social security free). Then there is paid advice. To say the site is not valuable because they push the paid service is like saying searching with Google is not valuable because the search results include ads. I agree it could be better designed, but over the years I have managed to to glean quite a few answers to legal questions (family law) on this site. I’m sorry you were not happy with it.

      And as always we appreciate your feedback!

  2. robert

    It’s not free. Tried 2 questions. Answer for 1st question would be 46.00, 2nd with low priority and detail 18.00.
    Again, what would happen if the question was not answered to my satisfaction. Iffy site.


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