How to Make Your Own Screensaver on Windows 10

By | December 11, 2019
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How to Make Your Own Screensaver on Windows 10

This tip was inspired by a question I was asked during a support session.

Until yesterday I hadn’t given any thought to making screensavers on Windows 10 using pictures already on my computer. And I sure didn’t realize how easy it was to do. If you’d like to make a custom screensaver using your personal photos, or any photos on your computer, follow me., and I’ll show you how.

Step #1. This is a step you won’t appreciate now, but you will later. By default, Windows 10 will use whatever photos you have in your Pictures folder. But it won’t use the pictures in any subfolders in your Pictures folder. But you can choose any folder you want, so here’s what I recommend that you do first.

Make a folder in your Pictures folder called “MyScreenSaver” or whatever tickles your fancy – as long as you know what it is. Then copy all of the photos you want to appear in your screensaver to that folder. Our “Copy to / Move to” tip works great for this. Once you copy all the pictures you want in your screensaver to the folder you created, move on to…

Step #2. Now with all the photos copied to the folder you created for your screensaver, right-click on an empty area of your desktop and choose “Personalize”. In “Personalization” click on “Lock screen” (it’s in the menu on the left). Scroll down until you see “Screen saver settings”.

Cloudeight Windows 10 Tips

Step #3.  When Screen saver settings opens, use the down-arrow to display ad drop-down menu. Choose “Photos” from the list.

Windows 10 Tips by Cloudeight

When you choose “Photos” you’ll see this dialog:

Windows 10 Tips by Cloudeight

Your “Pictures” folder will be the default folder. Click”Browse” and browse to the folder that contains the pictures you want to use for your screensaver. 

I created a folder called MyScreenSaver1. After you select the folder you want to use, you can choose how quickly you want the images change in your screensaver to change… slow, medium, or fast. And if you check the box next to “Shuffle pictures”, Windows will display your pictures in random order. 

Once you have every set, click “Save”.

Windows 10 Tips by Cloudeight

Step #4.  It’s time to preview your screensaver and make sure it looks the way you want it.  If the pictures are changing too rapidly or too slowly for you, just click “Settings” and go back and change the speed.

Once everything is the way you want it, click “Apply” and “OK”.

Now you know how to make a screensaver with your own photos or any photos you have on your computer.

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Screensaver on Windows 10

  1. JonInOz

    Hi TC & EB,

    Easy to follow instructions, excellent explanation.
    I created a desktop picture change using a selection from my 300+ pictures folder on a DVD and USB, x 2 backup folders.
    “Why is it that the ScreenSaver ceation program only allows a few pictures” asked my friend and neighbour.
    A Julius Sumner Miller question, “Why Is It So.”…… I have difficulty n answering the question.
    Over to you friends, TC & EB.

    1. infoave Post author

      I am not a screensaver type of guy – nor a desktop slide show type… I just learned how to make a Windows 10 Screensaver out of personal photos so I could help anyone who would like a screensaver of their photos. So, Microsoft offers the answer not only to the limit for the number of pictures in homemade screensaver but also the limit for the desktop slideshow. You can see what they have to say here. Twenty is fine for me 🙂


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