How to retrieve software registration keys

By | August 20, 2011
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Eric wants to retrieve registration keys
Could you please give the information again on how to find you reg numbers stored on the computer. You gave the information before maybe on the daily updates would be good. Also my wife loves the USB card reader, thinking about getting more for Christmas and birthdays. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Our answer
Thanks Eric. There are many free programs you can download that will recover program registration keys – including Windows key, MS Office Keys, and other software keys. Which keys are recovered depends on the program you use. Since we don’t know which keys you’re trying to recover, we’re going to give you links to four different free product key finders. Since different program retrieve different keys (most all recover Microsoft keys), you might have to download two or three of these programs to find the product keys you’re looking for. Don’t worry, most of these programs are very small downloads (less than 2MB):

Keyfinder Thing

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder

Windows Product Keyfinder Professional

Product Key Finder

Many antivirus programs balk at keyfinder programs like those above. So you may get a warning about one or more of them. All of the above are safe and contain no viruses or malware of any kind, so you can safely download and install them regardless if your antivirus objects. The nature of a keyfinder program is the reason – it’s not because the software is infected. So, in this case, don’t worry.

We hope this helps you, Eric. Let us know which of those worked best for you.

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