How to Set a Home Page in Your Browser

By | November 11, 2017
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How to Set a Home Page in Your Browser

This tip has been updated. You can use this tip to learn how to set a home page in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and/or Edge.

A browser home page, also called a start page, is the page (or pages) you see when you open your browser, We strongly suggest not setting more than one or two pages to open when you start your browser. If you use more than one or two home pages, it will take your browser longer to open.

The fastest way (but certainly not the only way) to set a single home page in Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome is to first visit the page you want to make your home page —for example –  . Once you are on the page that you would like to make your home or start page, follow the instructions below for your browser (if you’re using Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser, we have you covered too – be patient):

Internet Explorer

First, go to the page you want to set as your home page. For example: (Google).

Now click “Tools/Internet Options”. Assuming you only want one page to open when you open your browser…  clear any web addresses (URLs) showing the home page box by highlighting them and deleting them.

Next, in the dialog which appears click the button that says “Use Current” (See screen shot below):

Cloudeight InfoAve

ABOVE: “Use Current” means the page you have open in Internet Explorer at the time you click “Use current”. Make sure you only have one page open when you do this. If you want Google as your home page, for example, make sure you’re on the Google home page when you click “Use current”.


Open your Chrome browser.

Click the Chrome Settings icon (top right – three vertical dots … see below):

Cloudeight InfoAve

From the drop down menu which appears, click “Settings” (see below):


Under the heading “On startup”, tick the circle next to “Open a specific page or  set of pages” then click on “Add a new page”(see below):


Under add a new page, type the address of the site you want to be your home page. For example, our home page is .

After you type in the address of the site you want as your home page, click the “Add” button.

Now close Chrome and reopen it,  Whatever site you typed in under “Add a new page” will be your browser’s home page.


Click on the settings icon at the top right ( 3 horizontal lines). Then choose Options from the Settings menu.

Cloudeight InfoAve

In the General section that opens, under startup, next to “When Firefox starts” click the down arrow (see below) and choose “Show your home page” from the menu.

One more step. Next to Home Page type the web address (URL) of the site you want to be your home page. If there is already a URL there, just highlight it and delete it and type in your home page URL.Cloudeight InfoAve


Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has vastly simplified setting home page. To set a home page in Edge, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Edge’s settings icon (3 dots). From the drop down settings menu find “Open Microsoft Edge with” and click the down arrow.

Cloudeight InfoAve

From the “Open Microsoft Edge with” drop down menu, select “A specific page or pages”.

Cloudeight InfoAve

Type the URL (Web address) of the site you want to be your home page (below we used our Cloudeight Start Page URL which is )…

Cloudeight InfoAve


And don’t forget to click the Save icon (see below) or all your work will be for naught.

Cloudeight InfoAve

5 thoughts on “How to Set a Home Page in Your Browser

  1. Mae Watson

    I’ve been using for a long time, back on Windows XP.
    I’ve happened on others but prefer for the computer information and the connection to the email sites like gmail and Hotmail.
    Thanks for the clear instructions.

  2. Marian Frn

    I love the Thundercloud start page. I am more than happy to contribute to your coffers by using this, but also love the short cuts included.

    1. infoave Post author

      Firefox allows you to set any page as your home page. It also allows multiple home pages. Do this:

      1. Type about:preferences#home in the Firefox address bar and press Enter and you’ll see this dialog:

      Cloudeight InfoAve Firefox tips

      You can add any URL (website address) in the box next to “Homepage and new windows”. You can see I have our Start page set as my Firefox home (start) page.


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