I Am a Lucky Guy

By | August 29, 2019
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I Am a Lucky Guy

Life is full of surprises and twists and turns – and I have concluded that life is not fair. So what? I just roll with the punches. Life is not easy and anyone young enough to believe that life is fair will find out quickly that it is certainly not.

Most of us who’ve lived more than a few decades come to grips with the truth – the real “facts of life” – you just have to learn to take each day as it comes and always try to do your best. Some days will float away into the neverlands, others will gnaw and nag at you for weeks, months or years, and others will be beautiful if fleeting, memories, just tiny pieces of joy and happiness, love and understanding that filled moments of days now in the past, but still and always living inside the heart.

And sometimes, I guess, we’re all a little bit underappreciative of the good things we have in our lives. Although I’m pretty sure that most of us who are still working would not count our jobs among the best things in our lives. But I’m here to tell you how thankful I am that I am able to do what I do and have such a wonderful and meaningful time doing it.

OK. So what is it I do that I think is so great? It’s nothing extraordinary. I’m not a surgeon saving lives, or an officer of the law preventing a robbery, or a minister or priest saving souls. No, I’m afraid I don’t do anything so grand as those people do.

But what I do is what I like and what I enjoy. I get to work with someone (Darcy) who is kind and understanding and honest – and who is not afraid to coil my gears should I get out of line. And I say… good for her!

Twenty-one years ago, Darcy and I started out sharing graphics on an obscure web site called Thundercloud & Eightball’s Holiday Graphics.

I can remember coming home from the job I had at that time and Darcy would message me and say …”We had 5 visitors today!” .It was exciting. Then toward Christmas, one day we had 50 visitors. I thought for sure we are on the way to becoming Internet moguls. It’s funny now, but I can remember being so excited, I’d be up at 4:00 AM and on the computer and I’d still be on the computer at midnight. I was on the computer until my eyes wouldn’t stay open another minute. Talk about a labor of love.

I’m not going to get into a long history here, suffice it to say we went on to create Cloudeight Stationery and become the most successful email stationery site on the web. We had over a quarter-million mail list subscribers and we were doing well. Then along came Windows 7 and that was the death knell for our stationery. We had to completely reinvent ourselves — or quit.

So we loped along for a while and then in 2011, we started Cloudeight Direct Computer Care. We started helping people with their computers, and instead of charging what other people were charging, we charged as little as possible. And as we got better and faster at what we were doing, we decreased the price. This is probably the opposite of what a good money-wise company would do, but we thought it was the right thing to do.

And we’ve kept our prices low because we are trying to help people and not trying to become wealthy or earn millions of dollars – we’re long past having those kinds of dreams.

But you’re probably reading this and wondering what all this has to do with me being a lucky guy. I’m going to tell you.

Just about every weekday I get a chance to help people with their computers. And that’s a great part of my job, but just as great is the chance to be able to “talk” to people – albeit most of the time though a chatbox – and, if not get to know them, at least learn a little bit about them.

And you know what I’ve discovered? Everyone is different in this crazy old world, but most people are very nice – and we all share the same planet, and we can all understand each other’s trials. And being patient and kind with people makes a difference.

I was not the most patient person, but Darcy kind of prodded me into remembering that we didn’t always understand computers. Heck! I can remember when zip files scared me to death. And when I’d breathe a sigh of relief when a program came with an installer rather than one of those confounded zip files that you had to click around inside looking for whatever it was that ran the program.

Now, you’re going to laugh – but I remember when I couldn’t even copy and paste. I pretended I knew how, but I didn’t. I finally had to break down and admit I was a computer dummy who didn’t even know how to copy and paste – probably one of the most basic and useful computer skills. Darcy taught me.

So, I found my patience with people by remembering my early days with computers. And now I enjoy working with and helping people – and enjoy getting to know them.

I know that we consider our newsletter subscribers, members, and our boosters friends. And I know it’s important that we continue to be the best we can be and help as many people as we can.

And it’s not because we’re ever going to get rich. It’s not because we make money doing it. It’s because we enjoy doing what we do – very much. While we still need to make a living, we don’t need to be wealthy. So, we help as many people as we can every day. And we try to keep the prices on the products and services we do sell as low as we can… while keeping the quality as high as possible.

Finally, it’s the knowing we’re helping people and making friends that makes me feel I’m so lucky. I know that I speak for Darcy as well in saying we’re going to keep on helping as many people as we can for as long as we can – and we hope to keep on making friends along the way.

Now you see – or at least I hope you can see – why I’m such a lucky guy.

12 thoughts on “I Am a Lucky Guy

  1. Debbie

    Actually, we are the lucky ones to have you & Darcy to help us muddle through this maze of the computer world. TY

  2. Janice

    Thank you, thank you, T.C. and Darcy for all you do, for sticking with us,for giving us good advice, and help that we can afford and that is THE BEST!!! I did not get a computer until I was over seventy AND I have learned ALL I know for you all! I am 89 and they call me a “computer geek!”
    So, keep us the good work. YOU ARE APPRECIATED! Keep going………………

  3. Patty M-Bray

    Yes, I remember the impatient T.C and have had help from The very patient, caring Darcy ever since. Good on you, T.C. for learning patience. Now I understand all the praise I’ve been reading about your work. You both have been a godsend to an old brain that has now suffered two strokes. You have taught me so much about computing. I am able to do my banking and most business that requires the internet and keep in touch with family. None of this would be available to me without the service you two have provided, lo these 20? years,
    Bless you and may you continue to be happy helping all of us who depend so much on your help.
    May I send you the biggest hug my arms can reach? Love, Patty

  4. Charlyne Craver

    You ARE a lucky guy and I am lucky, too. I have been blessed with the help you, and Darcy, give and it has made me even more happy to spend LOTS of time on my ‘puters. Us “old folks” need to have a purpose and be busy and, because of your teachings and help, I am able to help many of my elderly friends with things they need done using a computer. Take care and be well and stick around a long time. Hugs and smiles, Char

  5. Harriet McNeely

    Oh, TC, you have done it once again! Made all our lives a little better for your words. And we need to remember Darcy’s patience and love that helped to bring you to this place. Thanks for these special thoughts on this Labor Day. Kudos to you both. Where would we (our at least our computers) be without your never failing help.

  6. Terry Bell

    Be sure the two of you enjoy the best-ever Labor Day Weekend.
    See you next week!

  7. Cheryl Lambert

    Aug., 30, 2019 Ahhh Mr. TC, your letter made me cry happy tears. In the beginning years, there were a few times we butted heads because I didn’t understand your instructions and probably because I didn’t know how to explain my situation properly (of course, both of us being headstrong personalities didn’t help either) but through the years we have both learned how to communicate better (at least with each other) ?? I know I am EXTREMELY grateful for yours and Ms. Darcy’s sticking it out and never giving up on us technicalogically challenged people. EVERYONE who has ever had ANYTHING to do with Cloudeight is now part of a HUGE family, with yourself and Ms. Darcy being our leaders. Out of the kindness of your hearts, you have helped thousands of people save millions of dollars. From telling us how to buy the right computer for what we need, doing all the research and testing of hundreds of programs so you can recommend programs that work and most of those free or low cost all the way to fixing and repairing our computers when they go wonky. The two of you have made a GINORMOUS impact in this world and on every person you’ve helped along the way. What a beautiful legacy. I don’t know of two more wonderful people I have the honor of calling “friend”.

  8. Diane

    Not a ‘Surgeon saving lives’….I beg to differ, you guys have ‘cut into my computers’ taking out any cancer, tumors, and needless weight! Yes, you both have saved my ‘butt’ many times just to keep me from the hackers, and fake sites! You both are ‘My Doctors On Call’…..I am so happy to be a part of this Big Family called CLOUDEIGHT.

  9. Gina Robertshaw

    What amazes me about you and Darcy is that, even after you had to revise your business and began Computer Care (which I’m thankful for), you still continued to write a quality Friday newsletter (and Daily tips) that are packed with tips and fixes that would actually decrease your business because you’re teaching us how to fix many problems so that we don’t have to get outside help! I would have understood if you reduced the amount of information in the newsletters, but you didn’t do this. And I appreciate all the money you saved me and others through the years by teaching us how to fix many problems. It’s just another reason I trust you and Darcy whenever I have a problem that I can’t fix.

    1. Shirley Seefeldt

      I got tears in my eyes when I read your newsletter. I can’t tell how much you and Dary mean to me. I didn’t realty use a computer until I was in my late 60’s and I was scared to death. I just know that I was going to wreck my computer. But with you and Dacy’s help I didn’t do that and I am now 81 years young and still going strong.. I have now my second repair key. The first one I used way back and Dary fixed my computer and got it up and coming smoothly. She also installed Emsisoft on my computer and got rid of my old virus scan. What would I do without the two of you. I hope that I never find out. God Bless Both Of You. Big Hugs coming to you from me.



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