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There is No Money in Heaven

    There is No Money in Heaven “A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be a better place, because I was important in the life of a child.” (changed from the original… Read More »

Molly and The Bubble

    Molly and The Bubble “A glooming peace this morning with it brings, The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head…” Those lines from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” were among my first thoughts this morning. Honestly, I expected it, but I was still not prepared for it. My days will be emptier, and my life will… Read More »

Quantum English – The Long-Awaited Reprise

    Quantum English – The Long-Awaited Reprise Someone once said that if you use bad grammar, it’s like having bad breath – you can say all sorts of intelligent things, but no one is going to take you seriously. You can gargle and chew gum for your breath, but if you’re grammatically illiterate — until now there… Read More »

My Time Machine

    My Time Machine It’s just another spring evening in May in the ordinary life of an ordinary old man. It’s just another long walk in the twilight of the day and the twilight of my life. The air is heavy, and I feel a mist in the air but it’s not making my skin wet. The… Read More »

It’s About Time

    It’s About Time Well. here it is again… the weekend of the time change. Just last year I learned that calling daylight saving time, “Daylight Savings Time”, with an s at the end, is horribly stupid, dumb, and incorrect. They say it makes me look like an idiot to everyone who knows better. Daylight Savings Time… Read More »

Walking Winter Days Warmly

    Walking Winter Days Warmly The Polar Vortex is swirling down from the arctic and soon it will hold most of the USA in its icy hands. And just last weekend we had a major snowstorm that left us with eight inches of white and drifting snow. All this reminds me of winters long ago, when I… Read More »