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Romance Novel Heroes and Me

    Romance Novel Heroes and Me I read a lot of books. I don’t often get books at the library because I seldom remember to take them back. I’ve paid too many $50.00 fines. Now, I just buy books, it’s cheaper. I buy a lot of books – mostly paperback books or ebooks because I’m cheap. But… Read More »

Going Back to Plum Brook

    Going Back to Plum Brook In the tall winds, the seeds of old memories drift. On the updrafts and downdrafts and the vortexes of the tall winds, the tiny fragments of our lives float. Up and down and around they swirl, just below the veil of consciousness they tumble in the tall winds, until once in… Read More »

On Spring and Dandelions

  On Spring and Dandelions Spring comes early this year. It will arrive late in the day on March 19th. I can’t remember it ever coming that early, but at my age, I don’t remember much… I don’t remember what happened the last time spring came in a leap year. It might have been early that year too.… Read More »