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The Things That Belong to the Night

    The Things That Belong to the Night During the night, in the quiet hours when most of the world sleeps, I lie awake and the things in the night become distorted and amplified. The faucet that drips, drips, drips, during the day goes unnoticed – but in the quiet of the night, it is a disturbing,… Read More »

Meandering Thoughts

    Meandering Thoughts I love to write, sometimes I don’t write so well, but that doesn’t stop me from writing. It’s kind of like golf, I guess. Some people like to play golf regardless of how poorly they play. Writing essays is one of the kinds of writing I like best – much to the dismay of… Read More »

Footprints in the Snow

    Footprints in the Snow And though today I walk away from things familiar too, I’ll make new footprints in the snow, where once the flowers grew; Guided by a dream unseen; a dream that will not die, My footprints winding through the snow; beneath a twilight sky. Each day I set aside an hour of my… Read More »

On the Day I Die

    On the Day I Die One of life’s great blessings is that not one of us knows the exact day we will die. Well, at least I think so. I could not imagine being a teenager and knowing how many years I would live or the date of my death. That would take away the fun… Read More »

The Candle

    The Candle He left the candle burning, just as she had asked him to do. Though it had been seven years since she went away, every evening at nightfall he would light a candle. Every night while he tried to sleep through his pain and his loneliness, the candle flickered silently casting dancing shadows upon the… Read More »