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The Cold October Rain

    The Cold October Rain It’s not supposed to be this way. The rain I mean. The sullen, gray skies belong in November, not now, not here, not in October. The October rain is cold and steady. The day is morose and dark. Not a sad day but a melancholy mood could set in if I were… Read More »

Common Sense

    Common Sense In 1776, Thomas Paine published his now-famous pamphlet “Common Sense” outlining his arguments for American independence.  Well, this is different from Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”. My essay has no arguments for American independence – at least I don’t think so.  I sure hope that common sense was more abundant in 1776 than it is… Read More »

Just Waiting for the Bus

      Just Waiting for the Bus I’m quite sure you’ve noticed how slow time passes when you’re waiting for something. I guess it really depends on what you’re waiting for. If you’re waiting for something wonderful to happen, time passes slowly; if you’re waiting for something bad to happen, then time flies. It’s all connected, I… Read More »

October Road

    October Road There’s a road just outside of town called October Road. It’s a country road that goes from nowhere to nowhere, but to many people, October Road is home. And during my life, I’ve walked many miles on October Road. I’ve seen the farmhouses, the barns, the farm dogs, and the farm animals. I’ve walked… Read More »

Getting Old is Easy

    Getting Old is Easy It’s hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner. It seems just the other day I was sweating my way through mowing the grass on the first “official” weekend of summer – that would be Memorial Day Weekend for those of you who don’t live in the USA. I don’t… Read More »

Mr. Mike

    Mr. Mike He was short, that’s for sure. I’m not a tall man, but I was a head taller than Mike. That’s all I knew about Mr. Mike. He was not very tall. He was a rather small man. For the longest time, Mike and I would pass each other on our daily walks. We’d say… Read More »