J Stands for Downloads

By | July 23, 2017
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J Stands for Downloads

Y’all like simple tips, right? Here ya go. They don’t get much easier than this one.

Just last week, I downloaded a program I wanted to test. But things being busy, I forgot I downloaded it. Later in the week, I remember I downloaded a program I thought might be a candidate for our freeware pick of the week. But I simply could not remember the name of the program.  Looking in my download folders is a lost cause. I have several of them. There are hundreds of things in there ( I’m a slob – but in my defense, over 4 dozen of them are site backups that I keep on an external drive as well as “in the cloud”).

I could not remember the name of that program to save me. I didn’t even know the first letter. Now I could have opened up all 3 of my download folders and sorted them from newest to oldest… but I’m lazy, I tells ya.

I just fired up my browser (Chrome) and pressed the CTRL + J keys. And what to my bloodshot eyes should appear? All my recent downloads, including the program whose name I could not remember. As soon as I saw it, I recognized it.

Instead of wasting time and click monkeying around sorting my download folder to find it,  the old CTRL + J shortcut opened the recent downloads page from my browser and I found what I was looking for.

Next time you’re looking for something you downloaded but you can’t remember where or what it was, let your fingers do the walking: Press CTRL + J.  It works in all browsers, not just Chrome.

J stands for downloads; oh Jes indeed it does!

[ After all that, the program turned out to be a total waste of time. I wouldn’t recommend it even to my worst enemy. No, EB! I don’t mean you! You’re not my enemy, your my nemesis!]


6 thoughts on “J Stands for Downloads

  1. Arnie Brown

    I didn’t know I had all that stuff…. I go back to June 17/2015 and most of it is useless. How do I get it cleaned out?

  2. Fay Burnett

    Thanks, very helpful as I often do just what you described – download and forget! 🙂

  3. Keith Hill

    That is one of the best tips you have ever given me. Thanks so much for making things easy to us that don’t have a clue at the best of times.

  4. Jennifer Akridge

    Works slick!!! Thanks so much TC for the time saving tip! 🙂

  5. Mary Gebro

    I have saved lots of your letters in folder, in Outlook. Last letter, I clicked on thunder folder, it did not go in and all of them deleted. I have looked forever for them, and did thunder data, and no where is it.
    What to do and why did this happen? Can you help. Thank you!


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